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New IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Hard Cell Plate Carrier Hydration System from Qore Performance Launches to Military, Law Rnforcement, Security Customers

Sterling, VA: Thermoregulation, hydration and human performance experts Qore Performance, Inc., announced the release of an updated IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve (IMS) today. IMS is an ultrathin, hard cell, plate carrier hydration system built around Qore Performance’s venerable IcePlate Curve cooling/heating/hydration water bottle shaped like a Medium ESAPI plate.

All-new for 2021, IMS joins IMS Pro to bring greater durability and ergonomic efficiency to plate carrier hydration for military and law enforcement users. Hard cell hydration delivers strength and dependability that cannot be matched by traditional soft bladders, while preserving a full MOLLE field under heavy loads. The flat, ultrathin, and conformal profile of IcePlate Curve also allows users to sit more comfortably in vehicles. IMS fits under zip on panels like the MOLLE Zip-On Panel 2.0, Pack Zip-On Panel or Pouch Zip-One Panel by Crye Precision.

Designed specifically for units, commands, and agencies where skeletonized laser-cut laminate solutions are not approved, IMS is built from traditional 500D nylon for excellent field durability with a commonly approved look that matches traditionally-constructed kit.

IMS is completely ambidextrous with laser-cut Drink Tube Routing Ports on both sides for compatibility with Left Exit or Right Exit IcePlate Curves.

The bottom zipper closure from the previous generation IMS Flex has been replaced with the same, familiar Velcro-brand hook and loop bottom closure found on IMS Pro and IcePlate EXO (ICE). The move to a Velcro-brand bottom closure also improves suitability for night operations and reliability while reducing weight. In working directly with Active Duty end-users, this change to a Velcro-brand bottom closure was among the most requested changes from the previous IMS Flex.

Features and Specs:
-Rugged 500D nylon construction features six full rows of MOLLE with a full three row MOLLE Velcro loop field for identification placards that measures 8.5″ w x 3″ h
-Four (4) permanently attached MOLLE strips included
-Compatible with any MOLLE-equipped plate carrier. For MOLLE and Velcro combination compatibility, check out IMS Pro
-Velcro brand bottom closure is identical to IMS Pro, IcePlate EXO (ICE) for quick, simple and intuitive IcePlate access, optimized for night operations
-Combine IMS with IcePlate Classic or IcePlate Curve for the thinnest and most durable plate carrier hydration solution on the market
-Mount heavy tools (AT4s, Base Plates, etc.) on your plate carrier hydration source without rupture concern
-Mounted patrols/movements are more comfortable than ever thanks to the flat back profile created by IMS and IMS Pro

“We built IMS because we have many end-users, who depend on IcePlate for its strength,” remarked Qore Performance Co-Founder and CEO Justin Li when asked about the development of IMS, “those users don’t use the thermoregulation and heat injury prevention capabilities that IMS Pro brings to the table, they only need external plate carrier hydration and IMS is the answer to that requirement.”

IMS, like all military and law enforcement products from Qore Performance, is 100% American made from US materials and shipped six days per week from their Sterling, VA headquarters.

As the inventors of specialized and consumable thermoregulation for PPE users, Qore Performance is leading the fight to eliminate preventable heat injuries. Bridging the gap between Man and Machine, their IceAge Ecosystem protects over 20,000 daily active users in occupational safety alone. Dozens of America’s Fortune 1000 companies including Boeing, Dutch Bros Coffee, Charlotte Area Transit System, America’s Chicken, and Marathon Petroleum, depend on Qore Performance to safeguard their teams and their bottom lines. Qore Performance enterprise customers have worked over 2,000,000 hours since 2017 without a single heat injury.

IMS and IMS Pro are available exclusively on the Qore Performance website:

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Collection

For sales inquiries, contact:

Doug Burr
Director of Sales and Business Development

Qore Performance, Inc.
22311 Shaw Rd, STE A2
Sterling, VA 20166

2 Responses to “New IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Hard Cell Plate Carrier Hydration System from Qore Performance Launches to Military, Law Rnforcement, Security Customers”

  1. Auronios says:

    This absolutly makes no sense: The IcePlate main feature is its cooling capacity. With the plate stacked ontop the outside of the carrier, this cooling capacity is drasticly recuded, rendering it more or less useless.

    The other benefit of wearing the IcePlate between body and ballistic plate is, that the IcePlate offers backface deformation blunt protection.

    Now the part why its so off: Since day one of the company I am customer of their IcePlates. So since the Plate Generation 1.
    Since day one my comrads are asking for a Size S Plate. I told Doug and other staffs of Qore this multiple times. The main argument Qore always brings up when I ask them about smaller plates, is that the “cooling power” would be less and therefor they dont want to do it.

    Who cares? Honestly, who cares about cooling capacity if the plate is worn outside the plate carrier?

    No one!

    Actually, really no on! Qore can tell me what they want, that they have hundreds of police man who use the Cooling feature everyday.
    Yeah – maybe.
    But 99% of the customers for sure use the plate only as hydration system, like me.
    100% of the Customers I know of Qore only use it as hydration system and for nothing more.

    But instead of Plates in other sizes (SAPI side plate size, Swimmer Cut SAPI, SAPI S to XL…)
    and shapes (they are multicurved now – no flat plate for Backpacks like with the Gen. 1 Plate anymore)
    and thicknesses (the plates are way to thick. Containing 1.5L fluid is way too much when using a DualRig! 1L would be enaugh when worn 1 plate in front and 1 plate in the back)
    they release thousands of useless addons like this IceVent Polsters for Holsters, or their other fabric gear.
    Great they have a wide variaty of cooling products, so for some 200lbs Cop in 100°F it will be great that he can pack himself in like a big block of ice,
    but for everyone who just wants a superb-hydration system that stays in shape thanks to the hard plastic,
    its all useless and the one single plate they offer is limiting even the users who are by size designed for this plate (Sapi Size M is exactly what me as a 6″ needs).

    So all these cooling features are useless compared to the main feature of the IcePlate for realistic scenarios.

    Thats why I still insist that they got to finally listen to their customers: I was reporting since day !one! that they need to combine the input and output lid into one!
    So they know this since Generation 1 by customer feedback, yet, they released Generation 2 with the same annoying Lid design again just a bit bigger,
    and needed a Generation 3 to finally listen for my and others feedback.

    But me, the stupid customer, I bought Generation 1, 2 and 3 multiple times! I got like 4 working IcePlates and 1 broken! Qore already made 500 USD only with me and I am still not happy with the plate.
    The Generation 3 pokes into the skin as the multicurving is way too steep at the top and not reassembling a original SAPI plate, its too thick with 1.5L instead of 1L, its SAPI Cut but but I need a Swimmer Cut which is quite odd that a 6″ person needs a swimmer cut with a SAPI Size M Plate because of the limit in its movement of the shoulders,
    they also have to replace the Source PVC drinking tube that has an odder and tastes bad with a food grade silicon tube, which I did with all of my Plates (think of the costs and efforts to mod. your brand new in a box item up on receiving it… super frustrating) and the stupid Source Bit Valve needs to be replaced with the Source Storm Valve because of the same taste and odder reasons).
    Actually – I am asking myself if Doug or any other staff ever used their own product, because you can not stand the smell and taste of the Source Tube and Valve they selected – while the other Source Valve is perfectly fine, which sould be some expirience every regular user could make in the first 10 seconds of inspecting both valves and comparing them…)

    So here we are again, the release some stuff. Well, I guess someone asked for it or they would do it. But hey, Qore, me and other customers are asking stuff since 5 years and you dont give a damn! Maybe focus on the enduser market first, but whom am I, just an annoying customer – I will not bring in the big 10.000qty contract…

    Just so its public: I just emailed them a few months ago again about the Source Drinking System, which they included after I asked them, and asked if they can please release some 45° or 60° Elbow for it.

    The 90° Elbow does not allow for routing the tube from the back to the cummerbund to the front. Its too hard of an angle and the tube just kinks. It only allows it from the back to face up and use the shoulder straps for routing. But that is supeeeeeeer stupid, because by this you cannot wear any backpack anymore without having the tube pushed onto your collar. As a First Responder myself, I have to wear a backpack on a regular basis ontop of my platecarrier. Therefor, I HAVE TO route the tube on the side, in the cummerband.
    Because of that reason I replaced the 90° Elbow with a original Source Straight SQC Connector, but by this the tube now stands out before the radius bends in again – which sometimes entangles with other stuff like when exiting a car.

    Long story short: Everything is super annoying! They always have reasons to not follow user feedback, and at the end, they just do it what I asked time shifted for 3-5 years. Super super super annoying! I just want some Size S Swimmer Cut SAPI with 45-90° Elbow but here I am, spending 500USD into a not great working solution, reporting user feedback, and getting declined again and again no matter what I reported just to see them releasing it years later, when they already could have done this earlier.

    Now the crazy part: Some airsoft company called TMC from China copied the IcePlate on day one they released it. Guess what: The Input and Output Lid was combined into one and the cut is Swimmer SAPI style! They also added the original Camelbak Quick Connector Kit from day one, and it was made from HDPE, the same food grade material Qore uses. Long story short: Everything what customers asked of the original product, which was updated in several Revisions, was already released by the copycat on day one!
    And still, the copycat is the only Swimmer Cut Hydration Plate.

    To me, that is embarrassing for Qore that a major US company can not do what some chinesium Airsoftkids can do in 12 hours!

  2. Thank you for your continued support and for providing us the constant feedback. While it seems like there is a lot to unpack in here I think we can get the root of a few of your issues pretty quickly. 

    As always, we listen to user feedback on all of our products and take the totality of the responses to make the most informed decisions possible. While we do have plans to release different size and shape IcePlates, those design and development plans are based on the strategic needs of our partners. We can’t deviate from our mission to provide one-off solutions out of sequence. 

    For your concerns about the Source bite valves, we have attempted to solve this two ways. I am sure you are aware that Source determines the bite valve that accompanies each hose based on the color of that hose, we do not make that choice. However, Source sells replacement Bite Valves through their website and distributors, so you can customize as needed. On our website, we made it possible for you to purchase the IcePlate Curve as a standalone product, without a hose assembly, so that once you have a hose setup that works perfectly, you do not need to purchase a product from us that you do not require. It is always our intent to give our customers flexibility. 

    Not to belabor the point about custom options (all feedback is valuable), the concept of different angled exit nozzles (other than our 90 degree Hard Elbow and the straight connector) has never come up. For most one-off use cases we typically work with our customers to find off the shelf parts to accomplish their needs. We are not set up to stock and supply the parts to accomplish these asks, but are always willing to help think through ways users can customize their setups.

    We can’t thank you enough for your support to both our products and our company. The fact you would take the time to write this detailed of a reply means so much to us! We will continue to communicate with you directly whenever needed, while being a resource for ideas to help you customize your specific, personal requirements.