Safariland Announces Formation of CADRE

A new approach to brand ambassadorship.

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced the formation of a new breed of brand ambassadors: CADRE.

“In the technical sense, a CADRE is a selected group of specially trained and skilled individuals brought together for one specific purpose or mission,” said Tim Drnec, Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Sales at Safariland. “And that’s exactly what Safariland needs right now. The Safariland CADRE will be advocates for Safariland products and its mission to save lives with integrity, loyalty and grit.”

Safariland’s CADRE is a new approach to brand ambassadorship. “Our CADRE are changing what it means to be a brand ambassador,” Christina Rhine, Digital-Social Media Manager for Safariland said. “No longer will these individuals be seen as social media influencers. They’re experienced advocates in the markets we touch, and contributors to the future of our products. They bring years of raw experience with Safariland products, and authentic product concepts. Collectively we will achieve our goals to provide the best equipment possible.”

The CADRE bring first-hand expertise in product application, life dependent scenarios and training capabilities. Among them are a Rt. Special Forces SGT. Major, a competitive mounted shooter and veteran of the 75th Army Ranger Regiment, a Tactical Games athlete, conservationists and huntsmen, competitive shooting champions and instructors, business owners, a SWAT Team Leader, law enforcement officers, and a family of five competitive shooters. With these backgrounds and mindsets, they will collectively bring authentic product feedback from the field to Safariland to elevate Safariland products and increase the company’s ability to enact its mission: “Together we save lives.”

9 Responses to “Safariland Announces Formation of CADRE”

  1. Stickman says:

    Our Safariland rep is great, knowledgeable and helpful. If you are a major LE Department Safariland is rock solid. If I called our rep while I was at my last mil unit, I know he would have taken great care of us with quality products.

    HOWEVER, the Safariland Marketing & Social media side has been an unmitigated disaster. The last straw for me was their marketing side telling me that if I would promote their sale coupon on my business and personal social media they would give me 10% off factory pricing on a holster for an existing pistol. Never mind this was for an article I was writing for a major publication (and I had no problems sending the holster back quickly).

    That Safariland has to come out and say they are going to start using qualified and persons experienced with their products makes me shake my head. Who have you guys been sending product to? If it isn’t people who know what they are doing, who have you been using as “social media influencers” in your terms?

    Thankfully Safariland has a solid design and engineer team, combined with a legit group of reps which do a great job of making up for the marketing team. I know this sounds like some pretty harsh wording, but
    there are plenty of guys who have brought up issues to me once I’ve mentioned the above.

    I love the Safariland products that I use on a daily basis. I have had plenty of scumbag felons on the street try to grab my gun, and I’ve bounced around in the mountains and trails in and out of vehicles and never lost my gun. Your duty holsters are great, but some of your other aspects…. not so much.

    • BM says:

      The design team is first rate. Who knows what will happen when Bill finally retires

    • Johnny says:

      This might be the most entitled post I’ve read in a while. No ones owes you a thing. Who is your rep? You’re probably making all this up. Loser

  2. Peter says:

    “Social-Media-Influencer Powers Activate! Now change into form of Experienced-Advocate!”

    Spoken like a true marketing guru with no experience in marketing. It’s amazing how far “I like guns, and have an Instagram” will get people in this industry.

    • RangePB says:

      Just going to put it out there but have had a few encounters with the marketing team there. Can’t speak for them all but the one I dealt with was really good for former mil. Cadre looks to be a good group but missed the window not bringing Rob over that was a stupid move. Interested in seeing what they do with this group

  3. Garin Lee says:

    I am pretty sure Christina Rhine is fairly new with Safari Land. Working with her in the past and the other companies she has been successful with, I have no doubt she might change your mind. She is pretty damn sharp and on point.

    • CR says:

      Thank you Garin, very kind of you. I am looking forward to seeing all they can accomplish. Best, CR


    How about just make the duty holsters we need and have them available in under 6 months?

    • Kevin Stafford says:

      Our department put in order in and got everything in 3 weeks. Think those 6 months days are gone. At least what I’m seeing from other agencies.

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