The Assault Pack has Evolved – The Agilite AMAP III

Agilite has revealed the long-awaited AMAP III Assault Pack which they are calling “The Assault Pack Revolutionized,” and the most versatile and universal assault pack ever made.

It was designed for Israeli SMUs and it has numerous unique features and capabilities that no other assault pack has. They include placard compatibility, direct, instant connection to both Agilite and non-Agilite plate carriers and complete EDC crossover.

It can change its volume, shape and carry directions in seconds and adapts instantly to completely different loads.

You can see all its unique features here at the Agilite website and it’s available already in Multicam, Ranger Green & Black

4 Responses to “The Assault Pack has Evolved – The Agilite AMAP III”

  1. Jay says:

    oh baby! about time

    • FA says:

      So like….what features have never been done before? Because literally every feature they listed I’ve seen on other packs.

      • Damo says:

        All features in one-pack though? Doubt it.

        This pack grabbed the best features of multiple packs: the beavertail on the YOTE, the bag volume expansion and placard convertibiliyy of the of the HSP, the fast attachment idea of the MSM/Tactical Taillor pack, and the velcro organiser of the TAD packs and rolled it into one.

  2. Chris says:

    Looks nice. Hope it comes in coyote soon.

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