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SCUBAPRO Sunday – Go Sport Fin

I have been around a lot of different end user diver groups of over the past couple of months and we always seem to talk about fins, and we have been discussing different designs and what is the best go-to fin. Now I have started to think of fins like shoes and I think you need more than one set for different types of water work. But if I was to pick one set of fins, I truly cannot say enough good things about the SCUBAPRO Go Sport fins. If you are in the military and you need a good fin for over the beach (OTB) operations, river and stream crossing, or diving, these fins do a great job! For OTB, where you might have to go through the surf, there is enough power to help you get through it. River and stream crossing, where you would have to carry them with you in the jungle or wherever, the pair weighs less than 1.5Lbs and are easy to don and doff with boots on, making getting in and out of the water easier. When used for combat swimmer operations, they are comfortable for long use and good for use in tight areas like around piers or ships. There are holes in the blade, which makes it easy to attach to your wrists when climbing a ladder if you want your fins with you if there is a strong current or coming out of the surf or attaching to your gear when patrolling.  Below they are attached to a Mystery Ranch patrol pack. The other picture they are attached to the famous SEAL Float coat used in patrolling the jungles of Vietnam (thanks Drew via Eric G). They also have the Matbock Skins on them.

A lot of the things I mentioned about that make them good for the military also apply for Public Safety Divers. They are outstanding for tight turns, like when you are doing a search grid. The fins are so light so they can be used in the summer when using a wetsuit or in the winter when using a dry suit. If you do plan on that make sure you get the right size for the winter bootie. You can always wear a winter bootie in the summer but trying to use a summer type bootie in the winter is never a good thing. They go on fast if you are a marine patrol unit and need to get into the water quickly.

Lastly, they are a great surface swim fin. For example, Go Sport Fins are the perfect option for PTs in ocean or pool swims. I used to have a CO who, anytime the weather was bad and the sea was rough, made us do ocean swims. He would say, ‘you have to train when the weather and surf are bad because you can’t choose when you will be on the water’.

SCUBAPRO GO SPORT FINS WIN SCUBALab testers choice award.

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  1. Mike says:

    Hilarious that they haul the “BOB” martial arts training target dummy outside to put the vest on, rather than just having one of their employees try it on.

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