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Comp-Tac QB Holster Worn by U.S. Army Gen Austin “Scotty” Miller

Comp-Tac’s QB Holster used by top U.S. general in Afghanistan
HOUSTON –– U.S. Army Gen. Austin Scott Miller was recently shown wearing Comp-Tac’s® QB™ Holster in Afghanistan.

TheDrive.com highlighted Miller, commander of U.S. Forces – Afghanistan and NATO’s Resolute Support mission, wearing the versatile QB Holster while meeting Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin during his recent visit.

The article describes the general’s Glock, equipped with a red-dot optic and compensator. The sidearm is clearly photographed in the uniquely identifiable QB Holster. An experienced marksman, Miller has experience both as a special forces officer with Delta Force in the early ‘90s and early 2000s and as a competitive shooter.

The QB Holster is a multi-fit, outside-the-waistband holster specially designed to offer a wide range of functionality and diversity. The QB line consists of four sizes that accommodate nearly 85 percent of the most popular handguns. Comp-Tac’s multi-fit functionality does not require any special parts or pieces, only some slight user adjustment of the retention screws. In addition to multi-fit capabilities, the QB is designed for a wide range of diverse handgun modifications. A red-dot optic cut allows firearms to be used with red-dot sights and an open-ended design permits for the use of multiple lengths of handguns, threaded barrels, suppressors, compensators and similar modifications. Finally, the holster features the versatile Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM™), which fits a variety of belt widths, and has an ambidextrous design to support right- or left-handed users.

“As a holster manufacturing company, one of the things we hear from gun stores is that they have walls of holsters,” explained Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “With so many manufactures and models, it can be an overwhelming task to try to keep a good stock and variety of holsters on hand. Customers are buying guns and ammo, it makes sense to add a holster to that purchase. But if you don’t have one, you can’t sell one. The QB gives stores the ability to have a holster for nearly every handgun they have in stock on only four pegs. This creates an enhanced customer experience while making inventory management less complex.”

In addition to simplifying store inventories, handgun shooting instructors have found the QB to be an excellent option for on-hand supplies for training classes. The multi-fit functionality ensures that there is a quality loaner holster on hand for nearly any handgun a student might have.

The QB is also legal for use in the most popular competitive shooting sports, such as IDPA and USPSA. With an MSRP of $50.99, this holster is a great choice for single or multi-use setups. For more information, please visit www.comp-tac.com/qb-belt-holster.

13 Responses to “Comp-Tac QB Holster Worn by U.S. Army Gen Austin “Scotty” Miller”

  1. Ed says:

    I hope Loyd Austin wasn’t “triggered” meeting an armed General who possibly is a very Patriotic American?

    • Amer-Rican says:

      Former VP Biden probably put Gen. Miller on a watch list.

      • Crackers says:

        Hey, Rather than spout off, do us all a favor: did Senator Biden confirm his appointments? Just curious…

        • Amer-Rican says:

          I probably shouldn’t refer to joe as ‘former VP Biden’ because there’s a very good chance he didn’t legitimately win that office either.

  2. James says:

    Checking all the go-fast boxes- galco pistol belt, the holster with backward cant forward of the seam, and an almost Roland Special(pretty sure there’s a pic on The War Zone of him with the comp on).

    • Mike says:

      The Fancy Stitched Belt is a darn good belt for the purpose and gives you a little Eastwood flair.

  3. Joe_K says:

    Pretty sure that’s still got a comp attached, just not a ZEV or KKM.

    • Mike says:

      Griffin makes a thread-on comp that looks like a thread protector at distance, for example.

      • James says:

        Thanks, hadn’t seen the griffin. Solves the holster issue on the ALS and reduces debris/brass stoppage potential, smart choice.

  4. Joe R. says:

    Just for that purpose – would be a good blouse mod to have a 7″ vertical slit there with a velcro tab in the middle and a button on the bottom (for when you are compelled to go nekid).

  5. Wbz says:

    I got a dumb question:
    Why no weapon light? There’s no concealment issue, he can clearly choose what he wants, and he’s not rolling around with nods in this setting.
    I understand he may just not want to, but anyone provide any insight as to why you wouldn’t want a light in that setting?