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Limited Edition Anniversary Giggle Bush Hat in Platatac Camo

The Platatac GBH-R is one of my favorite Recce Hats and this limited edition version has a special story.

The Platacam Anniversary Limited Edition has been created to celebrate 33 years of Platypus Outdoors. Platacam is a digital camoflague pattern developed in the early 2000s as an alternative to Auscam. It was trialled by Tactical Police Units throughout Australia, but sadly never became an offical pattern. In 2008 Australian Special Forces used Platacam in ops as part of it’s trial process, but lost out to MultiCam.

This is an extremely limited run using fabric from the 2008 SF order. Once these are sold these will not be made again.

8 Responses to “Limited Edition Anniversary Giggle Bush Hat in Platatac Camo”

  1. chris says:

    Nice hat. Too bad shipping is $50.