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KE Arms SHTF+ Wrap: Stop Heat TransFer

The SHTF (Stop Heat Transfer) Wrap is a new option from KE Arms for hot weather, rapid-fire, and other incalescent shooting conditions, particularly with free float tubes. Manufactured in the USA and designed in conjunction with Russell Phagan, the SHTF+ Wrap reduces heat transfer to a shooter’s hand and reduces wear from barricades in training or competition.

Grunts: incalescent

KE Arms describes the Wrap thusly:

Storage in hot environments and rapid fire are both equally capable of making the free float tubes too hot to hold comfortably, reducing the shooter’s effectiveness. The Stop Heat TransFer Wrap attaches around the 9” to 15” aluminum free float tube on your AR15 rifle to reduce heat transfer to the shooters hand. The rifle can be handled normally after storage inside a hot vehicle and during rapid firing of multiple magazines.

The SHTF+ features thermal insulating material for even more extreme use (not recommended for use on silencers/suppressor directly). Reduce wear bracing on barricades in training or matches. Our customers in cold weather climates equally enjoy the SHTF wrap to stop cold transfer into their hands. The SHTF+ is 7? Long and can adjust to fit a wide variety of handguards.

It secures via hook and loop fastening (Velcro) to fit any handguard diameter. In addition to AR15 handguards, it will also work on FAL, Sterling, M1 Garand/M14 Fore ends, and potentially any other firearm with thin handguards needing additional insulation.

The SHTF+ Wrap and other accessories are available online at (@ke_arms).

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