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Marines Evaluate New Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle

The Marine Corps’ new Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle (ULTV), currently undergoing evaluation aboard Camp Pendleton will replace the current Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). Both are manufactured by Polaris Government and Defense and incorporate Diesel engines. However, the UTV is maintained by contractors and the new ULTV will be maintained by Marines.

The Marines expect to purchase about 500 ULTVs to replace their 248 UTVs as they hit the end of their five-year service lives in 2022 and 2023.

The ULTV is modular, off-road utility vehicle which can be quickly configured to provide logistical support for infantry units, and perform casualty evacuation, command and control, and electronic warfare missions. Like the older UTV, it can be internally transported in the MV-22 and CH-53E/K.

3 Responses to “Marines Evaluate New Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle”

  1. Cuvie says:

    Judging from the picture, is this the Polaris MRZR Alpha 4 that they’re testing?

  2. Seamus says:

    I guess USMC is tired of paying contractors to maintain their UTV fleet. Looks like they are not even considering going down the same path as US Army on adopting the supped-up version of the Chevy Colorado. Also in the jungles and mountains of the Indo-Pacific, it is lightweight, robust and narrow vehicles like this that actually can drive on trails. Throwback to the old Jeep.