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Safran Optics 1 Delivers 4000th Laser Target Locator Module II to US Army

Safran Optics 1 recently celebrated a milestone. They have delivered the 4,000th Laser Target Locator Module (LTLM) II to the US Army.

For more than a decade, LTLM has served the US Army as a laser targeting system to help dismounted Soldiers identify targets day and night in all battlefield and climate conditions. Initially, Optics 1 provided direct view optic and laser rangefinder components for BAE Systems’ device, but as it matured and transitioned to LTLM II, Optics 1 became the prime contractor winning a five-year IDIQ contract in 2016.

Based in New Hampshire, Optics 1 leverages an international supply chain with two other companies, Safran Electronics and Defense and Safran Vectronix. Camera cores and SOM boards originate in France and are shipped to Switzerland for initial assembly. Optics 1 then builds the final device to US Army specifications here in the US.

Optics 1 President and CEO, Joe Bogosian shared, “when talking about the 4,000th LTLM II, we must start with the end goal, and that is Optics 1’s support for the US Soldier in successfully conducting their mission and returning safely.”

They have consistently met the Army’s contractual needs for on-time and high-quality deliveries.

In fact, it’s involvement in this very program that allowed Optics 1 to grow their workforce and expand into other programs like the US Special Operations Command Enhanced Clip-on Thermal and SWIR Imager (ECOTI/ECOSI) programs, the Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-mounted Rangefinder (ICUGR) for the US Marine Corps Squad Range Finder program, and the ECOTI for the USMC Squad Binocular Night Vision Goggle.

But they don’t sit on their laurels. During a recent visit I was shown a few new systems which will be released soon.

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