UltiClip have been used for IWB holsters for quite awhile, but at the recent Blade Show in Atalanta, UltiClip showed how their device can be used to secure knives and other items in place for the draw from an inside waistband carry.

It’s a simple, low-profile device that can be attached via bolts to many sheaths and holsters, and is adjustable for height. The bail snaps into place, clamping either pant or belt.

3 Responses to “UltiClip”

  1. Steve V says:

    At first glance the name looks like utiliclip, and it seems to make sense, but the actual product name is uLticlip, like ultimate.

  2. MadBomb says:

    I’m pretty sure sheath makers have been using them for this purpose since the first came out.
    I changed my sheath hole spacing to accommodate them about 2 years ago.

  3. Brian says:

    The Discreet Carry Concepts gear clips ate their lunch. Hands down a much better product, they aren’t sharp and they don’t rust at all let alone at the blink of an eye like these. I remember emailing ulticlip and they said sorry pal, you need to oil it all the time. Ok. Thanks to dcc, never again.