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Warrior West 21 – Mechanix Wear Suppressor Safety Kit

Recently, we mentioned Mechanix Wear’s new suppressor safety products. Now, they’re available as a kit containing an X-Pad, Suppressor Cover, and Transport Bag which are all made from CarbonX heat-resistant fabric and Kevlar thread.

Please note, there’s a nylon tag in the Suppressor Cover which you need to remove before you use it in conjunction with a suppressor. It’s nylon, which will melt to your suppressor.

Mechanix Wear products are available for unit and agency orders from ADS, Inc.

2 Responses to “Warrior West 21 – Mechanix Wear Suppressor Safety Kit”

  1. mike says:

    I got this kit from Tactical Distributors a few months ago to replace the barrel change mitten I had been using to remove/hold a hot can. All competent products that perform well, as I expected from Mechanix, but the price point was what initially caught my attention. I had just spent on a single rail wrap an amount comparable to this kit, so when TD started offering these kits I jumped. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I was happy to put the barrel change mitten away.

  2. JK says:

    I have the mitten and the transport bag, they work very well.