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Warrior West 21 – AUFire Training System

The Accuracy Under Fire Training System from Dynamis Alliance uses Simulated Injury Technology.

At the push of a button, the trainer can unleash an electrical current directly into targeted muscle groups on the trainee via a remote control. The conductive stimulation temporarily impairs a specific body part and simulates a disabling injury. The AUFire System allows you to select among 7 points of simulated injury within the arms and abdomen.

Dynamis Alliance products are available for unit and agency orders from ADS, Inc.

One Response to “Warrior West 21 – AUFire Training System”

  1. Jimbo says:

    We had a medic use similar technology on us at JBAD in 2013. We had set aside a day for medical refresher. We were told to kit up just like we headed out for a raid. One by one, he took us into a room and strapped into our “strong” arm. Then he zapped us disabling that arm and said the pain wouldn’t stop until we had proper one-arm TQ placement. Not only did it test our ability for one handed emplacement, it also tested everyone’s TQ kit location. Can you truly get to your TQ/s? He didn’t tell us beforehand and it was a good test.

    Good stuff.