GLOCK Announcement Regarding “BLOCK19” Pistol

Provo, Utah-based company Culpeper Precision recently created a modified version of the GLOCK 19 called the “BLOCK19” due to its outward appearance.

Festooned with appear to be LEGO pieces, the pistol is no longer offered by Culpeper Precision after allegedly being contacted by LEGO Corporation.

In further response, and in order to avoid any public confusion, GLOCK issued the following statement:

GLOCK, Inc. USA (“GLOCK”) has recently become aware of the “BLOCK19,” a customized GLOCK pistol by Culper Precision, a company based in Utah. Culper Precision modified a genuine GLOCK pistol by adding bright colors to the pistol and covering the exterior of the pistol in materials that mimic toy Lego blocks.

GLOCK was made aware of the “BLOCK19” from news articles and through public concerns posted on social media. GLOCK is not affiliated with Culper Precision or its products. GLOCK had no involvement in the design or sale of the “BLOCK19.” GLOCK does not endorse customization of its pistols, specifically, a pistol that has been customized to look like a toy.

GLOCK has been on the forefront of gun safety since its founding and we have not designed or ever supported a pistol that looks like a toy.

For more information on GLOCK’s dedication to firearm safety, please visit

9 Responses to “GLOCK Announcement Regarding “BLOCK19” Pistol”

  1. iggy says:

    Shame really. Do it in black and grey and lose the corny sights and it’d be pretty cool. I wonder if real Lego pieces would work with it..?

    I don’t get the ‘looks like a toy’ argument: after decades of Hollywood most guns do. What someones going to leave it on the kindergarten floor with the real Lego? Pick it up and it’ll weigh more than plastic and sure as hell won’t sound like plastic and when you start loading real rounds into it – that won’t look like Lego – it should be pretty clear.

    This isn’t protecting anyone, this is just reactionary hand wringing by the sort of people who dress their dogs in little outfits.

    • Alpha2 says:

      You don’t get the “looks like a toy” argument? Are you blind? It looks exactly like a Lego pistol!

      • Iggy says:

        Not blind. I get that it looks like a pistol made of Lego. I don’t get the argument that that makes it any more dangerous than any other pistol, as I explained.
        Bad taste, maybe, but silly lefty over-reaction definitely.

  2. MiamiC70 says:

    This is hilarious.

    It demonstrates how little the morons who made this and hoped to cash in by charging $600 a pop understand how the world works.

  3. Lcon says:

    This is clearly an offensive weapon in more ways than one. Anyone whom has ever stepped on a lego block knows the lethality here.

  4. Oliver says:

    Tasteless? Yes. Inherently more dangerous than a vanilla Glock? No. Markedly more appealing to a young child living in a house with an irresponsible gun owner? Yes, and that’s the real issue that I have with this “piece”.

  5. Jones says:

    Pretty sure that is the same guy who got soooo busy he ripped off a bunch of guys never sending out scar lowers that were paid for.

  6. Chris says:

    I think it’s great! I’ve just bookmarked their site, and will be looking to purchase from them in the future.

  7. Neal says:

    “GLOCK does not endorse customization of its pistols…”

    This is the most hilarious line in the whole statement.