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Available for Purchase – SITKA ARROWHEAD Wet Weather Protective Jacket and Pant MDW

Arrowhead Equipment combines proven STIKA Gear engineered designs, exclusively with Gore-Tex Fabric Technology, to create a Wet Weather Protective (WWP) ensemble that can be trusted to withstand and perform in the harshest elements and environments.

Currently available to purchase from authorised partners, the Berry Compliant WWP Jacket and Pant MDW, uses GTX 3L 40d Nylon Ripstop with DWR. A highly durable, lightweight, tear resistant fabric that consistently out-performs all other waterproof breathable fabrics on the durability and protection scale.  Resistant to contaminates including petroleum, oils and lubricants make it a best-in-class solution for the Special Operations Forces end-user.

Arrowhead Equipment is a natural extension of SITKA Gear and launched earlier this year. Focused on the global Special Operations Forces end-user their initial product offering consists of WWP solutions, performance fleece and active insulation midlayers, baselayers and accessories. Future product offerings will include WWP category additions and a Cold Weather Protective (CWP) category introduction in 2022.

Products can be purchased through partner dealers, US Elite, Tactical Distributors, Operationally Proven Tactical and TSSi, in the USA.

DS Tactical and Millbrook Tactical in Canada. Level Peaks Associates in the UK and Aquaterro for Australia and New Zealand.

5 Responses to “Available for Purchase – SITKA ARROWHEAD Wet Weather Protective Jacket and Pant MDW”

  1. Will says:

    Thoughts on How this compares to the deadbird alpha ? Is this comparable to their stormfront in the hunting line?

    • SSD says:

      Comparable to Arc Alpha, but it’s Berry compliant. This can be a plus or a minus depending on who you are as a customer.

      • Will says:

        Solid. Thanks Eric.

        • Jon, OPT says:

          To amplify what Eric said, the Sitka Arrowhead line is staffed by a few former Dead Bird LEAF guys who left after the buyout. I refer to them as the actual teeth behind the LEAF line for many years. A bit of the Alpha DNA can be found in this product, that also goes for the product line in general. There will be some incredible products coming out of Sitka over the next few years, this is just the start.