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SOD – S.P.01 Shorts

I received a note from Max at SOD. It’s always great to hear from him, particularly considering how hard Italy was hit with COVID-19.

How are you? Here it’s HOT! We are melting down… this summer is very tropical… and what better way to deal with than by wearing shorts?

Here is what our SF troops are wearing around the world! We have added US WOODLAND CAMO… original from the US… like the MultiCam Crye Original of course!

Max, you had me at shorts. Woodland Camo is just the icing.

So here they are, the SOD S.P.01 shorts. They features classic SOD styling with dual slotted buttons at the top of the fly , wide belt loops, and angled pocket placement for ergonomics.

They are offered in several camouflage patterns and solid colors.

Get yours at www.sodgear.com/product/series/sp01

4 Responses to “SOD – S.P.01 Shorts”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Oh, those are nice….

  2. DCJ says:

    Had SOD Gear make some for me in PenCott Greenzone years back. Still rock them today. Solid quality and I am surprised you don’t hear more from them.

  3. Chalky says:

    Super Cool but very pricy @ $140usd

  4. Ross B says:

    Still amazed why the US military does not authorize shorts in combat … in the old days in Africa that was how we rolled! Used to comment back then on the amount of gear and clothing US troops cart around.
    I now, years later, still wear shorts while teaching firearms classes here in the US when the weather allows. The responses from attendees are always funny and sometimes downright disgusted!