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ORSM 21 – Juggernaut.Case

This is Juggernaut’s first commercial tradeshow, but I’ve got to show you two awesome products that are assembled together and as much military as civilian.

The Inductive Charge PALS Armor Plate Carrier Phone Mount features charging embedded into the mount arm with the cable terminating to a USB-A connector for use with standard external battery packs. It’s PALS compatible for direct mounting.

It’s paired with the PALS Pack Platform which is built by Mystery Ranch specifically for Juggernaut to offer a mounting option for those who don’t have a standard PALS platform like an armor vest. The PALS Pack Platform mounts at the chest area of a pack and takes the place of the sternum strap.

2 Responses to “ORSM 21 – Juggernaut.Case”

  1. Hatchet says:

    I’m a big fan of this company – bought one their iPhone cases a few years ago and while a bit dinged and scuffed here and there, it still looks great and does exactly what Juggernaut says it will – protect my phone. But this new Inductive Charge PALS Armor Plate Carrier Phone Mount looks like it’s going to be my next go-to, all-in-one phone carrier. Thank you Juggernaut and thank you for posting this, SSD!!