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Plate Carrier 13 from WhiskeyTwoFour

Plate Carrier 13 is made in the USA and offered in multiple sizes to fit your plates.  Included is a 6 cell, milspec elastic cummerbund.  Each cell can accept mags, smoke, commo, pyro, TQs, etc.  Please see notes below for the correct size to fit your plates

WTF’s Plate Carrier 13, is manufactured in the USA from US made milspec, solution dyed, Berry compliant, IRR compliant nylon fabrics.  Plate Carrier 13 accepts SAPI, shooter, and swimmer cut plates.  WTF’s Plate Carrier 13 accepts WTF Accessory Panels, SwiftClip compatible placards, and WTF’s Back Panels.  Plate Carrier 13’s plate bags have a generous stretch panel and accept a wide variety of industry standard plates in respective sizes.

VELCRO® USA hook and loop panels both front and back accept IFF, ID, etc while serving as a mating surface for Back Panels and Accessory Panels.  On both plate bags, two webbing loops accept split bar female buckles for Accessory Panel docking.  Optional shoulder pads enhance comfort and routing options while further reducing fatigue.  PALS and hydration Back Panels are available now.

Plate Carrier 13 uses MIL-DTL-32439 500D nylon fabric, MIL-W-17337 & A-A-55301 nylon webbing, A-A-55126 nylon hook & loop, A-A-59826 bonded nylon thread, MIL-W-5664 nylon elastic, safe and modern machinery, excellent lighting, cold air conditioning, and well compensated skilled labor to produce a cost effective, versatile, scalable, plate carrying solution.

Plate Carrier 13 is manufacturable and is kept in stock.  If you can add it to your cart, it’s in stock and ready to ship.

Plate Carrier 13 (medium) is lightweight at just under 15.7oz / 444g with Cummerbund 13 and without an accessory panel or shoulder pads.

$99 introductory price.

3 Responses to “Plate Carrier 13 from WhiskeyTwoFour”

  1. mike says:

    I have owned, sold in a retail setting, and been involved in the construction of a bunch of different respected commercial armor carriers over the years. I bought a Plate Carrier 06 out of curiosity at the end of 2020 and I was pleasantly surprised at what I received. Is it a Crye CPC? Of course not, and it never tried to be, but for a turn-out carrier or the mythical “cheap carrier that’s good enough” it’s kind of hard to beat. The Plate Carrier 13 is now my go-to suggestion when people ask me about armor carriers and it’s clear they want a low-cost and competent solution they don’t have to fuss with.

  2. BFW says:

    This is pretty cool. With most of the slick, placard compatible carriers out there being more similar than they are different, we can safely say the general design of these kinds of carriers is pretty well flushed out. Rather than try to tack on one or two arbitrary features to be competitive, WTF is making availability and value their highlight. This definitely fills a good role for entry level carrier, having a spare staged away from the rest of your gear or outfitting a conscript army with frugality in mind. As long as the workmanship is up to snuff, job well done.

    • mike says:

      And it is!

      I’ve been buying stuff from WTF since 2004 and I’ve never received a piece that was less than exemplary. The fact that they are able to do this at this price while employing Americans in America is nothing short of stellar.