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GoRuck Partners with Polartec to Release the Task Force Dagger Jacket

Stemming from a strong military background, the GORUCK Task Force Dagger Jacket pays homage to the jackets that were worn by the 5th Special Forces Group 20 years ago, and even uses the same Polartec 300 weight fleece. With a more streamlined, modernized design, the Task Force Dagger Jacket finds its place in both mountainous terrain and city streets.

In 1981, Polartec changed the game for cold weather performance apparel with the invention of synthetic fleece. Since then, the brand has enjoyed a long relationship with the US Military, even supplying the foundation of today’s GEN III Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (E.C.W.C.S.).

The Polartec® 300 Series Fleece used for the Task Force Dagger Jacket is a made in the USA, 100% recycled, double velour fleece with a non-PFAS durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to shed rain and snow. As the most premium classic fleece on the market, and with greater resiliency, lightweight warmth and fast dry times, it remains the industry standard for performance outerwear.

Available now, please find additional information on Polartec and GORUCK here, and shop the Task Force Dagger Jacket here.

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