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Mandate Rejected: Qore Performance Standing for Freedom, Refusing Federal Government Business under Vaccine Mandate, Challenging Others to Join

For Immediate Release

Sterling, VA – Human performance and thermoregulation company Qore Performance, Inc. announces that it will refuse to participate in, bid for, or service Federal government contracts as long as vaccine mandates for government contractors remain in place. “We unequivocally stand for individual freedom, liberty and the Constitution in both spirit and letter,” said Justin Li, Co-Founder and CEO of Qore Performance. Li elaborated that Qore Performance is leading by example, saying “America is a country founded on the idea that the government serves the people, not the other way around. We challenge every other company in America who has claimed they stand for freedom and the principles forever enshrined in our Constitution to join us in solidarity by cancelling all current business and rejecting all future contracts with the Federal government of the United States of America until these mandates are removed,” said Li. Qore Performance will continue to do business with state and local agencies who do not have similar mandates.

Qore Performance will continue to support all individual uniformed service personnel and unit purchase requests. “Our support for individual uniformed service personnel is unwavering,” said Li, “Our issues are solely with government officials who believe in the power of the state over the power of the individual.”

To learn more about Qore Performance and their mission, click here. “Building A Superhuman Future is about an unyielding belief in the power of individual freedom. There is no room for tyrannical government mandates.”

For sales inquiries, contact:
Doug Burr, Director of Sales and Business Development
P: 703.755.0724

For media inquiries, contact:
Justin Li, Co-Founder and CEO
P: 703.755.0724

33 Responses to “Mandate Rejected: Qore Performance Standing for Freedom, Refusing Federal Government Business under Vaccine Mandate, Challenging Others to Join”

  1. Mick says:

    He must REALLY be worried about Bill Gates injecting him with 5G nanoparticles lol…

    • WarBro says:

      Aww, you’re soo cute!

    • mike says:

      OR he’s really concerned about compelling his employees to engage in a new mRNA treatment that hasn’t existed long enough for proper testing and long-term trials (that literally every other vaccine we’ve taken has gone through), has shown to cause a number of disturbing medical problems, could have any number of unknown long-term health effects, has no proof or promise of effectiveness, and in fact has a negative correlation with infection prevention. It’s fine that you got the treatment, and I hope it doesn’t harm you long-term, but not everyone is so trusting. You think you’re being clever and smarmy but really your comment just sounds childish.

      I’m concerned because I also work for a company that does business directly with the government. I also have a daughter on the way. The near-future will be trying times.

      • Mick says:

        Proper trials were done, Trump just had them done at “Warp Speed”.

        “Disturbing medical problems” – any of those I’ve seen actually listed, are worse for those who actually get COVID.

        So weighing out the possibility of vague potential future side effects, versus the concrete short term effect of 600,000+ deaths from COVID… that math’s pretty easy to me.

        But hey, liberty means this guy gets to decide, impose the vaccine? Or walk away from gov’t business?

        And all snark aside, you have 2 excellent reasons to get vaccinated:
        -Ensure your future employment
        -Health of your daughter
        Look up the numbers of kids going into pediatric hospitals with covid, the beds are filling up and we’re sadly starting to see covid-related child deaths.

      • riley says:

        idiots like you shouldn’t be allowed to breed

      • John says:

        Right on, brother! You’re speaking nothing but truth.

      • G says:

        So most of your points have no scientific backing.

        mRNA vaccine research has been in the pipeline for over ten years. (Look to Nature scientific journal for that)

        Negative correlation?! You know, I was going to take the time to respond to each comment with a thoughtful rebuttal, but I think I should address that your claims are just untrue.

        I have no idea where you came to those conclusions, but your rhetoric discounts decades of medical successes. Seems like you trust dubious sources over experts in the field.

      • Correct. Our concern is not about the vaccine itself, but about taking an individual’s right to make decisions about their own health from them.

      • Micah says:

        Exactly, good for you man. Let the sheeple believe what they will. As a one of the many medical workers getting fired in the state of Oregon, I can personally attest to the point that the ‘vaccine’ is not safe, nor proven effective. My hospital is intentionally twisting the numbers/data.

        Really though, the discussion of whether you do or do not want the mRNA jab for an illness that you may get, but will likely not even know you have, should be a personal choice. If weak men on here ‘who love guns,liberty, freedom, blah blah’ don’t understand that the federal government forcing the populace to do something represents a bigger problem, well, RIP USA.

  2. Russell says:

    How stupid can someone be? They obviously have no contracts to “cancel” or refuse to service. And, after posting this, they wont have to worry about it in the future either.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    “America is a country founded on the idea that the government serves the people”

    As in protecting their health and wellbeing from invading foreign viruses?

    • Jason says:

      The government does for its citizens that which individual citizens cannot reasonably do for themselves. Like having a standing military, providing infrastructure, negotiating treaties, funding research (including medical research into vaccines), establishing laws of governance. So I agree, defending citizens from a healthcare disaster is definitely within its wheelhouse.

      To those who say it shouldn’t mandate that citizens must do x or y, well, consider a few things. A: they didn’t mandate regular citizens get the vaccine, just federal employees. Don’t like it? Find a different job. B: the way obamacare implemented new standards was a good example of how the government incentivizes individuals and businesses to do certain things that help them and help the public. The changes are initially rolled out with bonuses–do xyz and you get a bonus. With each year, the bonus becomes smaller until it becomes a fee or fine if you don’t. You’re not hauled off to jail but it’s an economic push toward the right thing to do.

      It can obviously be abused with incentivizing bad behaviors or being overly punitive but I wouldn’t say the federal employee covid vaccine mandate is unreasonable. Service members and some government employees are already mandated to get certain other vaccines, undergo background checks, get regularly screened for drug use, etc. This is just another requirement for work. Don’t like it or think the risks of this particular vaccine outweigh the benefits (which they really don’t but everyone is entitled to their opinion)? That’s fine, but you can’t work for the federal government

      • Steve V says:

        Hey Jason, you’re still good with the mandate now that it affects any employer (including non-Federal) with over 100 employees? I guess all those people that don’t like it can just go find another job too, huh?

  4. WarBro says:


  5. Bob says:

    For those defending vaccine mandates. Whether the vaccine is a concern to you or not is not the point. It is the encroachment on your own physical body and your right to decide what is the right thing for yourself. Sure some people will make a decision you don’t agree with, but why should that be off any of your business you tyrannical authoritarian Karen’s.

    Golden rule; live and let live. Live by it and society will be a much better place for everyone.

    • 100% – this is exactly our point. Our position has nothing to do with the vaccine, but it has everything to do with personal choice and government power over individuals.

      • AJ says:

        Does this extend to selling to Texas based LEOs as their governor and legislators have done much the same?

  6. We thought it would be helpful to clarify that our stance has nothing to do with the vaccine itself. A majority of our company has already been vaccinated for C-19 and all of us have already had tons of vaccinations. If you want to get the jab, get it. If you don’t, don’t. Our position has everything to do with personal choice and the freedom to make decisions about your own health. Personal health choices belong to the individual and the individual alone.

    • Mick says:

      The problem here is that not getting vaccinated if you’re working or going out into public… that’s not just a private decision about your own health. I have kids who cannot get vaccinated, and willingly unvaccinated folks who go about their business normally represent a risk to them.
      Typhoid Mary was a real historical case; do you think she was just exercising her “personal choice and freedom”?
      At this point, with this disease being so contagious and destructive, I think one has to weigh the public good.

      • XERXES036 says:

        COVID has an IFR in the .0 percentages thats not even my opinion. Plus COVID itself isn’t doing anything more than what other viruses have been doing for millennia the only difference here is the state governments chose to lock people down over a virus with an insanely low infection fatality rate. Guess we should lock ourselves down for viral pneumonia which has no cure. Walking outside our homes everyday is a risk that every individual accepts if you dont want to take that risk thats your choice but you don’t have the right to tell others to do the same or use government coercion to make them. If you like taking in fear porn no one is stopping you.

      • Nattydreadbushdoc says:

        So how’s that vaccine working for Israel? Joking aside, these shots do not stop you from getting sick, or spreading the virus so your Typhoid Mary comparison does not apply. Even the government only claims the shot reduces symptoms of a particular variant if infected for a period of approx 5 months.

  7. iggy says:

    An admirable stance to take despite the instant hijacking by divisive agendas.

    • Thank you. The naysayers don’t bother us. All we care about is doing the right thing by our team and by our country. We believe that is preserving individual freedom and liberty.

  8. WarBro says:

    Doesn’t a certain portion of our Nation like to use that phrase “our body, our choice”?? Funny how that only pertains to a certain “procedure” and not an overall basic concept of freedom of choice. Start using “their” tactics, speech, etc against “them”!

  9. XERXES036 says:

    The fake humanitarians who disagree with your stance have no redeeming qualities to them they’re authoritarians plain and simple.

  10. Ben says:

    Whether you believe in the efficacy of the vaccines or not it is concerning when people loose the freedom to make choices of what they get injected with. Very proud of Q Core for making a principled stand!