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AMNB Reviews the codeRED CR-TAC Headset

You may have run across AMNB on Instagram or the Web where he reviews a wide variety of kit, primarily for the Mil-Sim community. We’ve hit the point where the quality of products designed for Mil-Sim are getting up there. I’m not saying for professional users to go this route, but it may have utility for some readers.

CR-TAC from codeRED Headsets is a noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with “hear through” technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds.

Overall, his impression is very positive, but Chris goes into some detail, which makes it worth your time to go read what he’s got to say.

For the whole review at airsoft-milsim-news.com/codered-cr-tac-headset-amnb-review.

One Response to “AMNB Reviews the codeRED CR-TAC Headset”

  1. GANDIS says:

    Interesting. This looks like a direct copy of the Earmor that’s been around for awhile. I love my earmor. It gets dumped on continually by a lot of folks but it has performed admirably for me.
    I whole heartedly agree though, the lines are blurring and I think it’s great as long as it suits your needs.