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KDG Stribog Stock Kit

The new Kinetic Stribog Stock kit takes the amazing Magpul designed Masada (ACR-E) stock system and outfits it with the KDG Stribog adaptor to allow for direct use with your Stribog firearm.  

The kit ships fully assembled with adapter already on the stock for drop in use. Kits can be selected in the black and coyote brown stocks so the user can best personalize their firearm.

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3 Responses to “KDG Stribog Stock Kit”

  1. Stickman says:

    Outstanding, I’ve been waiting and hoping someone would do this. Another option for any other manufacturers would be to use the Magpul AK side folder thingy.

  2. Jeff S says:

    How does this thing compare to a CZ EVOIII? While serving no practical purpose I wouldn’t mind get a 9mm PCC of some sort. This is obviously at the bottom end of the spectrum up through B&T and the MP5 clones. Or I should just go with an AR9 of some nature using an AR lower I already have?