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TMS Tuesday – Diesel: K9 Simulator

K9s faithfully serve along side us in the military and on law enforcement teams, so it is our responsibility to be ready to help them in the case of an emergency. TacMed’s two K9 simulators, K9 Diesel and K9 Hero, are advanced full-body K9 simulators that serves as a skills trainer by simulating active breathing, audio queues, and over 28 different features and medical intervention sites.

It has adjustable breathing, interchangeable limbs, audio, pulse, full anatomical skeletal motion, and bleeding junctional wounds. It can serve to help train in IV insertion, intubation, amputation scenarios, paw lacerations, CPR, bloat, needle decompression, wound packing, and more!

It is currently used by trainers, veterinarians, military handlers, and K9 first responders. Get yourself trained and ready for a K9 emergency.

Check it out: K9 DIESEL – TacMed Solutions

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  1. First seeing at shotshow it definitely made an impression seeing how much functionality the trainer could offer for K9s when generally the K9 side of tac-med has been ignored for so long https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJJxFKdAi38

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