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AUSA 21 – B&T SPC9

You might look at the new SPC9 and call it a frankengun from Br├╝gger & Thomet because it combines features from the APC9 and the AR-family at the request of a European customer who wanted an AR-style charging handle and buffer tube to accept a variety of stocks. B&T took their contract-winning APC and went to work. They also added features found on the MP5: a 3-Lug suppressor mounting and an additional, folding, non-reciprocating, cocking handle located above the barrel. This cocking handle is also swappable from left to right.

Feeding is from a proprietary magazine, or it can be modified by the user to accept 9mm Glock double stack or SIG P320 magazines.

One interesting feature is the hydraulic buffer which offers a very low recoil impulse.

B&T delivers their guns ready to go out of the box, fitted with an Aimpoint T1.

6 Responses to “AUSA 21 – B&T SPC9”

  1. Justin Mullins says:

    Variety is the spice of life.

  2. Joe R. says:

    B&T doesn’t just try to make you want their firearms. They try to make you hate what you got.

    “Damn you B&T !!!” (in dramatic James T. Kirk voice)

  3. hanzalova says:

    Is that a left handed ejection port?

  4. RockyMountain9 says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t put more M-Lok on that handguard. On a tiny PDW, every half inch of accessory space matters… a lot.

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      Maybe the customer specified exactly one m-lok slot. Government agencies around the world are good at making not so well thought through requests.