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AUSA 21 – GM Defense Infantry Squad Vehicle

GM Defense had three versions of the US Army’s Infantry Squad Vehicle on hand which is based on the commercial Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. The ISV-5 version shown above is an new assault model.

The ISV-9 (above) is the model selected by the Army, configured to carry the squad. It incorporates a GM Duramax 2.8L turbo Diesel engine paired with a Hydro-Matic 6-speed transmission.

The final version is an electric drive variant of the ISV-5 with a hydrogen fuel cell leveraging GM’s experience of 3.2 million miles with the technology.

5 Responses to “AUSA 21 – GM Defense Infantry Squad Vehicle”

  1. Cheese says:

    Getting closer and closer to the UNSC Warthog every day lol.

  2. Bob says:

    Other than operational needs where noise signature needs to be kept to a minimum I don’t get this fixation with electric drivetrains on military vehicles. Diesel fuel is 20 to 60 times more energy dense than batteries or hydrogen. That’s 20 to 60 times more volume to move around to keep these things rolling. Sure it gives green cred in Washington but that ain’t going to win the fight.