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80 Percent Arms Announces GST-9 MOD1 Pistol Frame

Garden Grove, CA., (November 12, 2021) – 80 PERCENT ARMS the nation’s premier manufacturer of 80% receivers, proudly announces the next generation modular 80% pistol frame: the GST-9 MOD1. Two years after the release of the world’s first modular 80% frame, 80% Arms is changing the status quo again by taking an already revolutionary frame to the next level. Compatible with Glock Gen 3 components, the MOD1 frame utilizes a platform of legendary reliability (and endless aftermarket support), to create a solid foundation to build off of.

The MOD1 features several improvements to the time-tested Glock® platform, starting with the mating surface between the slide and frame. Frame rails have been extended three times their normal length for more repeatability, better accuracy, and controlled recoil impulse. Users also now have the option for multiple rail coatings to improve reliability by reducing friction between moving parts in the harshest conditions, even after liquid lubricants have long since cooked off. Giving users the ability to pick their own coating prevents galling that can occur when a slide and rails have the same finish, and ensures extended life of all components.

The MOD1 features several advancements from the legacy GST-9 frame. Most immediately noticeable is the re-contoured gas pedal giving shooters an even greater purchase on the frame and allowing easier access to the takedown lever. Also externally, enhanced texturing and fitment between interchangeable magwells and frame modules give users the ability to build a pistol truly specific to them with a high quality fit and finish every time.

Internally, the rear rail system has been split into two separate units to improve customers’ build experience by only needing to align one hole at a time, while also increasing the stability of internal components.

As always, the GST-9: MOD1 platform is centered around shooters. There are no two missions or two shooters who are the same. That’s why 80% Arms designed a platform that allows each shooter to tailor your build for their specific needs. Whether it’s a compact or full-size grip, a streamlined magwell for concealed carry or a flared magwell for competition, you have the options you need to build the tool that works for you.

The MOD1 is immediately available online at, and ships directly to your door.

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