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Blue Force Gear Asserts Trademark Rights

Pooler, GA – November 23, 2021

BLUE FORCE GEAR, INC., an industry leading manufacturer of innovative tactical gear, equipment, and accessories, has asserted its trademark rights and reached a settlement with Husar Ltd. And Ace Link Armor. BLUE FORCE GEAR is the owner of U.S. Trademark Registration No. 5,797,066 for its widely-recognized, distinctive, and unique cross trademark, which is used in connection with a variety of products, including the TRAUMA KIT NOW!:

Husar Ltd. And Ace Link Armor do not admit any wrongdoing or liability, but have agreed to resolve BLUE FORCE GEAR’s allegations pursuant to a settlement agreement for an undisclosed monetary amount. The specific terms of the settlement agreement have not been disclosed; however, among other things, Husar Ltd. And Ace Link Armor have agreed not to use U.S. Trademark Registration No. 5,797,066 or any word, design, or symbol confusingly similar thereto permanently in any jurisdiction, country, or territory worldwide.

BLUE FORCE GEAR is committed to protecting its intellectual property, including its trademarks and patents, and to ensuring that consumers are able to purchase genuine BLUE FORCE GEAR products.


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  1. Ehe side story, what up PS1 D-pad

    It does make for a cool modern medic cross though

  2. GreenTip556 says:

    Seems kinda petty, no?

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