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VSS and Centre Firearms Co Team-Up to Provide IED Familiarization Training

A three-day familiarization-level course which teaches the basic knowledge needed to identify possible Improvised Explosive Device (IED) threat situations and the skills to address the threat safely and effectively.  Topics covered in the course:

• History, overview, and evolution of explosives

• Detection, identification, and sample variations

• Awareness and countermeasure tactics

This course presented by a top-level subject matter expert with relevant operational experience spanning from the 1970’s until 2013.

2022 courses: January 14-16, April 11-13, July 25-27, October 3-5
Location: Henderson, NV
Minimum students: 5

*Restricted to US Government Agencies, DoD & qualified Law Enforcement officers

For more information visit www.centresupport.com/ied-familiarization



One Response to “VSS and Centre Firearms Co Team-Up to Provide IED Familiarization Training”

  1. Stickman says:

    I only know of one EOD guy with more full time uninterrupted MIL/ DOD EOD time. His was 1956-2018ish for his total time, and developed the first rapid reaction/ quick reaction recovery team for foreign equipment and munitions. He was the recovery team leader for 35+ years and for most of it probably spent more time out of country than at his desk.

    Super good guy, and the “go to” for anything, any time, anywhere. The team was phenomenal guys, and I am humbled to have known the OG crew.

    Best part about them was they are truly silent professionals, not dudes doing 20 and writing books.