Shaw Concepts – Improving the USMC Gen II Plate Carrier

Although the Marines have been fielding the Gen III Plate Carrier many still use the older Gen II model. Shaw Concepts produced this video on cost effective solutions as well as their own after market products as well as those from others.

2 Responses to “Shaw Concepts – Improving the USMC Gen II Plate Carrier”

  1. Terry Baldwin says:

    Outstanding! I hope these sorts of “how to” videos are getting out to the audience that would most benefit from them – beyond SSD. I only wish I had the audio-visual savvy to do something along these lines with the same level of professionalism.


  2. R711 says:

    My only observation of the video, turn down the background music as it was drowning out the presenter and distracting at times.

    But, this was one of the better videos in both professionalism and knowledge while demonstrating work around for the kit.