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Strikeman Pro Releases Most Advanced Dry-Fire Training In World for Everyday Consumers

Strikeman Pro, the most advanced dry-fire target practice on the market for everyday consumers, released its breakthrough gaming software today featuring a rapid-fire, multi-target new training system. 

Strikeman Pro introduces the latest innovative firearm technology with the capacity to fire at several targets in real time, instead of the conventional single shot,  and to quickly improve reaction time and accuracy – all without the need for expensive, live ammunition.

“What sets Strikeman Pro apart from the other competitors is our new patented technology that allows the Smartphone app, laser cartridge and customized target panel to feature four gaming modules, with different target challenges emerging one after the other, in quick succession,” said Scott Hutchison, CEO of Strikeman.

“This all-new Strikeman Pro is a first-in-class product that allows you to shoot at several targets in a single training session, while enhancing your aim and training your trigger reflex to react with  precision and speed before firing on a field of twelve distinct targets from nine different templates.”

Available on the Apple Store and Google Play store, the Strikeman Pro Smartphone app records laser strikes from the Strikeman laser bullet on the Strikeman target, while competing online with friends, keeping track of training improvement, and setting improvement goals to achieve new personal best performances.

The Metrics section records detailed analysis on skill improvement in different app settings such as holster unload, re-load and fire, turnaround and fire, and call out rapid fire. Strikeman Pro offers a variety of shooting scenarios that challenges critical appraisal skills on a 12-point target sheet.

Law enforcement, the military, wildlife hunters, and recreational sharpshooters, including women, have used dry-fire training systems for years, but the new Strikeman Pro training system takes that training to a whole new standard, and replaces the need to travel to a shooting range, using expensive, live ammunition. Instead, Strikeman Pro offers the convenience of at-home dry-fire training with an endless variety of target challenges and  easy-to-use, practical affordability.

“The Strikeman Pro system is safe, soundless, and suitable for people of all ages to use in the comfort of their homes or any setting of their choosing,” added Hutchison. “Our customers are showing steady improvement within days of practice through live feedback from the app, and accuracy metrics that record and graph progress in every session. Beating your personal best is a daily occurrence with Strikeman Pro.”  

The Strikeman Pro system is available for sale in American markets in December 2021, and in Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK in February 2022.

See Strikeman Pro videos here.


2 Responses to “Strikeman Pro Releases Most Advanced Dry-Fire Training In World for Everyday Consumers”

  1. GSC says:

    These systems need to move past requiring a slide rack after every trigger press.

  2. Dam Dam says:

    I can only comment on my experiences with Strikeman. I have no idea how good their products are. I live in Australia and their customer service in Australia is so appalling that their website and social media pages are being flagged as scams. One has to wonder. It’s not like the firearm community in Australia is going to overwhelm any reputable business.