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Franklin Armory Introduces Binary Handgun Trigger

SHOW Show 2022 Press Release

Minden, NV, January 17, 2022 – Franklin Armory® is going to Las Vegas!

Introducing our FIRST Binary® handgun trigger and the new and improved F17 Series!

Franklin Armory® believes in holding steadfast to our personal liberties. Although we believe that the mask mandates are a violation of those liberties, we will be attending SHOT Show 2022 willingly and in compliance with the regulations set forth by the NSSF and Governor of Nevada. While attending, we will be exercising our First Amendment right of freedom of speech in order to not only showcase our new products, but toalso show our commitment to the security of our personal liberties which remain.

Franklin Armory® hopes to act as a facilitator in the continuation of our freedoms. Our intention is not to incite negativity but to elicit a positive movement within our industry, our Pro 2A community, and our beloved Country.

Franklin [email protected] is proud to introduce our first prototype model of the [email protected] firing system for a handgun, the G-S173! The G-S173 BFSIII® trigger kit consists of a Binary® trigger and specially designed slide which is compatible with the Glock® model 17 Gen 3 handgun. The trigger selector will be slide mounted, making the release round easily cancellable. Smooth, efficient, and fast; the new G-5173 gives a great tactical and competitive advantage for the user. The G-S173 is estimated to be ready for the consumer market in quarter two of this year (2022) and is only the first in our BFSIlI® for handgun series.

Secondly, Franklin Armory® and Osprey Defense ® are excited to introduce the new and improved F17 Series. The World’s First Gas Piston Rimfire .17WSM is back and even better! Also expected for consumer release in quarter two of this year (2022), the F17 Series includes the F17-X (16″ barrel) and F17-L (20″ barrel). Both firearms will feature the new slimline Osprey Defense® Gas Piston System, an all new design Franklin Armory® handguard with an integrated hand stop, a rotating locking bolt, dual firing pin system and polymer magazines.


4 Responses to “Franklin Armory Introduces Binary Handgun Trigger”

  1. Josh says:

    Thank you Franklin Armory for reducing the lethality of drive by shootings. These boys think they know muzzle climb, they spittin.

    • a dude says:

      Yes, because a company that produces something is responsible for how the end-user behaves. Great logic.

      • James says:

        He’s saying the muzzle rise is bound to save lives if it’s used that way. It’s as often the kid a block away as it is the intended target though. Either way, it’s bound to set someone’s hair on fire.

  2. Brendan says:

    If baby won’t stop hitting itself with its rattle, mom and dad have to take the rattle away. Use your freedoms to infringe on the well-being of your community, mommy and daddy will take those freedoms away. Just because you’re free to be anti-social in this great country doesn’t mean you don’t have a responsibility to your fellow man and your republic. Being a patriot doesn’t mean doing whatever you like, it means doing what’s best for your fellow Americans. It means being educated and informed enough to understand the fundamental threat behind science denial.