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TacMed Tuesday – The Tourniquet Task Trainer Arm

The Tourniquet Task Trainer Arm is a rugged, hyper-realistic hemorrhage control training solution designed for teaching proper tourniquet application both in the classroom and in field scenarios. Its unmatched lifelike design looks identical to human tissue, and the arm is durable with self-healing properties to withstand repeated use.

Its features include:

1. Lifelike Detail

From a distance and close-up, the hyper-realistic arm looks exactly like a real human extremity – from its skin texture to the lines in the palm to how the structure reacts during tourniquet application.

2. Full Arm Design

The full-length arm trainer is modeled off a 6’2” male for optimal hands-on training to develop muscle memory.

3. Integrated Wound

The gunshot entry wound site can bleed using the integrated vessel system for increased realism and demonstrating proper tourniquet application to stem severe bleeding in upper extremities.

4. Self-Healing Skin

In addition to its high-strength materials, the device’s skin features self-healing properties to increase the product’s life for repeated use by trainees in numerous courses.

If you are interested in learning more about this training tool and how you can improve your tourniquet application skills with it, go to

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