SHOT Show 22 – Gentex Ops-Core FAST XR High Cut Helmet

The FAST XR High Cut Helmet is the latest addition to the Ops-Core line. All of the FAST High Cut Helmets look pretty much alike. What makes this one different is that it is intended to defeat Rifle threats.

It resists penetration of up to a 7.62x39mm lead core round and protects against Level IIIA / HG2 Handgun projectiles and frag, at a weight of 2.81lbs (Large).

5 Responses to “SHOT Show 22 – Gentex Ops-Core FAST XR High Cut Helmet”

  1. Adamn says:

    What about neck injury? Is it possible to survive that AK shot even if the helmet stops the bullet?

    • jbgleason says:

      If you put the buttplate of the AK against your forehead and fired it, would you survive? Physics.*

      *Yes. I know there is some mitigation from the weight of the weapon and the mechanical action but the principle remains.

      • John Cobie says:

        That’s not an accurate comparison. Take the weight of the AK and propel it at the velocity of the projectile and the answer would more than likely be no.

        As for the AK round and surviving, quiet possibly yes and your chances of survival would be greatly enhanced by the ballistic protection especially giving angles or approach and impact.

    • Yawnz says:

      I mean, we already have examples of people surviving headshots from rifle rounds while wearing current helmets, so…


    • jjj0309 says:

      The neck injuries due to the force of a bullet is a bit hyperbolic story goes back to World War 1 and 2, when multiple soldiers found dead with dent of their helmets and broken/rotated neck. Some says they were died by trauma from bumping their heads with object, not a bullet, and some says it is indeed true that one can suffer neck injury from the force of bullet even if they’re stopped by the ballistics protection; but as from as I know Scientists concluded it’s due to explosion blast, not by a bullet fired from small arms.

      There were many discussions about this matter after the World Wars, that one can survive a gunfire even if it’s bullet was stopped by helmet; and general conclusion is yes, you will mostly likely survive but you can suffer minor neck injuries; but not severe as make you dead by rotate your neck or snap your neck spine or something. Worst would be cervical spinal or neural injuries, but not likely severe as immediate death.