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Stuff I Like – MTHD Basin Tweave Durastretch Field Pant

MTHD is Tactical Distributors’ house clothing brand. Although not well known, it’s very well designed and manufactured from some of the best materials on the market.

I recently picked up a pair of their Basin Field Pants which is made from a durable 4-way stretch fabric called Tweave Durastretch which is a USA-made performance fabric.  The fabric is burly and I was afraid they might be uncomfortable and maybe a bit too hot for hiking here in the mid-Atlantic.

We’ve had some varied weather over the past few weeks ranging from a dry mid-70s to pouring rain in the low-40s and then down into the low 20s, all within a few days. Great conditions to try them out.

Right up front, they are super comfortable. Although I never overheated in the pants, they have zippers on the outer thighs which open to reveal breathable panels lined with mesh to aid with ventilation.

The DWR worked great, shedding the rain as I hiked.

If anything, there too many pockets. However, they are easy to get to and zippers make sure you won’t lose what’s in them. The legs are cut with plenty of room to layer. The knees are articulated and the bottom hem has a snap adjustable opening.

I also like the nylon tape belt loops. They are sleek, yet strong enough to attach lanyards to.

Although I’ve only worn them on a few outings, and once all day, they seem well constructed and the fabric itself is tough as nails. I expect them to last me for a long time.

Offered in Flat Dark Earth and Dark Shadow.

4 Responses to “Stuff I Like – MTHD Basin Tweave Durastretch Field Pant”

  1. Collin says:

    Tweave Durastretch is a magical fabric. I have a few pants and tops in this same material and others like it and love them.

    • rob chan says:

      I have the arc combat pant gen 2 that were made in tweave durastretch.

      Unfortunately they are too small for me sigh… and they stopped making them with that fabric.

      It wasn’t the most comfortable on the skin personally but durability was unmatched

  2. Chris says:

    My New Years resolution was to buy less stuff this year. You, kind sir, are not helping!

  3. Gunnar Gray says:

    Well, I wasn’t sure about the side zips. But then I saw these were designed to be worn without a shirt and I’m sold.