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MYSTERY RANCH Company Leadership Evolves

Founders Maintain Ownership while Assuming Strategic Board Role
Bozeman, Mont. (Feb. 17, 2022) – MYSTERY RANCH, the industry-leading pack company built on a heritage of comfortable load carriage, function, and durability for people who have a mission to accomplish, announces changes to its organizational structure and executive leadership roles. Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker founded MYSTERY RANCH in 2000 with the vision to build the best load-bearing packs in the world. Twenty-two years later, the founding duo will pass the baton of senior leadership and assume roles as Board of Directors. They will oversee the strategic vision and execution of the annual plan of operation through a new Executive Team structure.

MYSTERY RANCH Owners Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker
“MYSTERY RANCH forever!” said MYSTERY RANCH Co-Founder Dana Gleason. “For 22 years, we’ve been committed to doing things right. Doing it right means building the best loading bearing packs in the world, meeting our customers’ needs and the needs of the people right here, the Ranchers. We are still a deeply weird company, and our mission remains the same.”

Renée Sippel-Baker echoed Gleason’s sentiment in saying, “We are actually a human resources company that happens to make great backpacks. It’s the people here that make the difference, and together, we make a difference for our customers, and that’s not going to change.” 

In the spirit of meeting the company’s growing needs, Gleason and Sippel-Baker will remain complete owners and oversee the company’s strategic vision. Alex Kutches, the long-time VP of Sales and Marketing, will assume the role of President and will work closely with the Board and the rest of the Executive Team to implement the Board’s strategic direction and execute the annual plan. 

Alex Kutches shared, “We have an excellent team here at MYSTERY RANCH. This team has successfully accomplished our original set of strategic objectives, and we have our sights set on sharing our brand promise with more people across the globe in our core businesses of Outdoor, Military, Hunting, and Fire.”

The new organizational structure will include Bob Freeman as VP Product and Operations and Steve Fink as the VP of Finance. Ben Nobel was recently promoted to Director of Sales for North America’s Outdoor and Hunting business channels.

“What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

~ Jerry Garcia and Dana Gleason

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