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Enforce Tac 22 – Heckler & Koch HK433 Updates

The polymer HK433 was initially envisioned as a replacement for the G36 rifle and incorporated some of the features of the HK416. Consequently, the controls on the lower receiver were a hybrid, in order to facilitate transition for customers using either rifle.

They’ve recently changed that direction and now offer dedicated G36 or HK416-style lowers. Here, you can see the G36-style lower.

You may see the 416-style referred to as the HK416E.

An upgrade to the HK433 is intended to assist with chamber checks.

They have introduced a thumb index so that you can get some purchase when conducting chamber check.

In the ejection port side are markings to let the shooter know how far to pull the boot carrier to the ear. Remember, these are intended for military issue.

Finally, the German Bundeswehr is anticipated to make its final procurement decision today regarding a replacement for the G36. You may recall that the Bundeswehr had initially planned to by the Haenel MK556 but a protest by H&K alleging patent infringement stopped the contract. Now, it appears that the German Army will join the KSK in issuing a variant of the HK416.

14 Responses to “Enforce Tac 22 – Heckler & Koch HK433 Updates”

  1. ray forest says:

    That index mark is a nice touch. Without it, its doubtful I would pull my Boot all the way to my Ear lol.

  2. Lcpl0420 says:

    I like the look of the grip.

  3. Emmett says:

    When you said “416 style lowers”, are they going to make this compatible with an AR-15 Lower receiver?

  4. Raul says:

    Probably just me but if I kinda squint, it looks a cousin for the Bushmaster ACR.

    • Greg says:

      The ACR/Masada was very forward thinking in its design. Doesn’t surprise me to see elements picked up in modern weapons.

  5. BarnOwlLover says:

    Lovely photos, though they’d be better if they were larger to show some more detail and just for the sake of being larger LOL.

  6. Zach says:

    These seem more likely to be sold here to civis in the next few years than people whine about. Where else will they sell? How many military and LE sales would happen here compared to thousands of regular patriots? The next 7 plus years will be bountiful times for rifles and this is the only one I care about in any way. This is what people want now, not another clone.

  7. Strike-Hold says:

    I had an opportunity to handle one of the US-import LE versions of 433 recently, and it was everything (and more!) that I had anticipated. Light, well-balanced, ergonomic AF, and handier than an octopus in a whorehouse.

    That 416-style lower version is super sweet!

    • BarnOwlLover says:

      Any other details you’d like to share? Was it the example currently in HK’s Grey Room or another?

  8. bulldog76 says:

    the xm 8 called ….