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Introducing the S.O.Tech ARVN Pack Redux

ARVN REDUX – a combination of the old tried and true with modern technology – a reflection of SOTECH.

Respecting the calls for us to reintroduce our h-harnesses and belts, we recognized a trend to go back to the battle tested designs of the past. In doing so, we wanted to honor our beginnings by doing a reboot of an ALICE Pack predecessor – the ARVN Ranger Pack, a favorite of MACV-SOG and other SOF units.

At a base level, this is a hat tip to our early days modifying ALICE packs, but it’s much more significant than that. SOTECH started in a time when we were issued the same tired designs that barely evolved from World War Two through Korea and Vietnam and into the Cold War of the 80’s.
There was a creativity born from lessons from the field, and a handful of innovators started companies to modify and then create alternatives. In this vein, we took the day pack version of what would become the ALICE and modernized and modified the design with Tegris and improved cuts (the pack was designed for small-framed Vietnamese soldiers). The result is an EDC pack that takes you back to your days in BDUs every time you cinch that ribbed web through those metal tabler buckles.

Updates from the original:
-Updated 420D Nylon vs canvas. Same nylon as the Medium and Large ALICE packs
-Snap closure front 2 pockets for easier and faster access
-Hidden HDPE insert with foam backer for extra comfort
-Updated frame, from steel to modern laser cut Tegris
-Repositioned bottom shoulder strap ring to the side for extra comfort

Drops Friday 3/4 12pm PST. While supplies last, no backorders. $150. Use the following code at checkout for free shipping: asseenonssd


“Built to survive the world’s worst!”

8 Responses to “Introducing the S.O.Tech ARVN Pack Redux”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    That. Is. Frikkin. Sweet!

  2. MattF says:

    If they are going on a retro kick, I’d love to see them do a limited run of 1980s Contra Packs.

  3. Mud says:

    Can you sit on it without breaking the frame?

  4. DaveW says:

    Dropped at noon, sold out at 12:01! Looking forward to a re-release.

    • Jim C SOTECH says:

      Wow. I wasn’t sure if doing an ALICE ruck throwback piece was going to flop because I was the only dinosaur who has fond memories of those day! But sold the whole run in 3 minutes! Wow — but we are working on more drops of these, and some interesting colors/patterns… stay tuned. And sorry for the fast sell out.

  5. Bradkaf308 says:

    I still use an Alice, Great when I want a light pack. I’m still waiting for an SAS Recce vest. PLEASE!