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Cyberlux BrightEye System

The BrightEye System by Cyberlux is the Primary Tactical Maintenance & Emergency Lighting System for Army National Guard Aviation and has been used extensively CONUS/OCONUS for readiness, disaster and combat sustainment operations. The National Guard Bureau chose the BrightEye System and it has been distributed via the four Theatre Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Groups (TASMG) to multiple units assigned to the 52 States and Territories within the Army National Guard.

• Super-Bright White and Infrared Solid-State Tactical Lighting System

• Militarized, All-Terrain and Rain Ready / Setup in 2 Minutes

• Over 16+ Hours Run Time On High; AC Powered Option

• Each System delivers 1100 foot-candles at 15ft target, 20X typical lighting

• Directed White & IR Illumination on Target Area over 1000 feet

• Infinite Brightness / Power Consumption Control

• Infinite Beam Range Control 6° to 120°

• Ball Head Mount for 360° Pan 150° Tilt

• Electronic Fuel Gauge Interface Displays Run Time

• Dual and Single Head Systems Available

• Lightweight QuadPod Adjustable Stand to 8ft

• 2CP0170 System Includes:

2 QuadPods, 

2 Light Heads, 

2 UBI Li-Ion Batteries 

Two Single Bay Chargers

Rugged Self-Contained System Case

• Total System & Carrying Case 69lb

• Wireless System Control and Operation / Simultaneous Charge & Run Capability 

Solar power system available

NSNs available on most systems

To learn more about Cyberlux and The ARG Group, check out their latest partner agreement : 


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