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Massif Launches First Responder Collection

Massif started out by providing FR garments for in Search and Rescue (SAR) crews. From this, select military aircrews adopted Massif FR clothing to withstand cold and wet environmental conditions. When service members began to face flame related threats due to Improvised Explosive Devices, the Department of Defense turned to Massif.

Massif has taken their flight-ready apparel for HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Management Services) and LE (Law Enforcement) personnel, to create a dedicated new First Responder Collection in true navy-blue colorway.

The collection is built around some of Massif’s legacy garments; the revolutionary 2-Piece Flight Suit with Lightweight and Midweight Inversion base layers along with the Elements Jacket.

Massif is well known for creating some of their own FR fabrics which meet ASTM D6413-F2302 performance specification for flame resistance. The garments have also been certified as Safe To Fly by the US Air Force.

A full range of sizing is available to support uniform programs, from XS-3XL.


2 Responses to “Massif Launches First Responder Collection”

  1. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Massif would do much better for SAR responders if they made products in orange…

  2. Warren says:

    The first responder flight suit in green would be a welcome addition.