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Kadri Clothing T-shirt Design Contest

How do you define strength? In today’s society, we tend to use a very male-oriented view of strength and power–physical might, physical ability, physical prowess. We say people are strong based on how much they can lift, the number of pullups performed, or athletic ability.

But what about other definitions of strength and power? Is a mother who works a full time job during the day, takes care of the household at night without losing her shit, strong? Is a young woman driven by her ambitions to succeed in a male-oriented profession while ignoring the naysayers and battling cultural norms, powerful?

Show us your definition of women’s strength and power. Design an original graphic concept and submit by March 31. Entries will be showcased in April; the winner will be selected by social media votes.

The design will be used as a limited-run t-shirt, available for purchase on the website. The winner will also receive Valkyrie Field Pants.

Send designs via DM to the IG account, but we’d prefer an email to [email protected]

Subject for email should be: Art Contest Submission

Happy designing!

16 Responses to “Kadri Clothing T-shirt Design Contest”

  1. Riley says:

    This is a freaking joke. If this company was worth their salt they would just pay a prominent female designer for the work. OR offer more in the way of shared profits for the winning design. Do these guys actually think a pair of pants is worth the time and effort it takes to make an effective design? Do these men actually think pandering in this way to females is a sound business practice? This is an insult to women trying to profit like this off the women’s empowerment movement. For shame!

    • Yeah the idea of user input isn’t a bad one, but a pair of pants for a completed design is pretty slim prize. Maybe start with the winning suggested IDEA wins a pair of pants, then get a pro to make it happen.

      Worth noting, even the most dude-bro operator workout apparel usually has slogans that are the equivalent of “Don’t give up” and not are not particularly gender or physical strength specific.

    • SSD says:

      It’s obvious you are quite worked up over this. I’m curious, are you speaking from your experience as a woman?

      • VP says:

        Well I know he’s not speaking from a SOF Operators perspective. Don’t you make patches? You stick to that.

        • I’ll guess meant to direct to me. Female element aside, making designs and T-shirts is something I have professional experience with and thus I spoke on it.
          Perhaps if you had any designers perspective you would know “contests” tend to be a pretty raw deal, and in this case not even offering much even if you win.
          I’ve got nothing against lady specific gear, and not a big workout bro, but it seemed worth noting that if going to take some jabs at the bro culture, their apparel slogans are actually pretty “inclusive”.

          I do not share the same amount of saltiness as the original commentor, however from a raw contest / design perspective there are some things that could be done better. Hell I’d be even willing to help out for free, just like I did for Soldier Systems main logo.

          But o well, guess I’m not SOF Operator enough to do art according to people like you.

          • VP says:

            People like you are why I never comment on this site. This is a contest for women, and no one asked for your help. Not sure why you chose to shit on someones post because you don’t think the prize is worthy.

            Again you, like the other idiot are missing the point of what this represents, strong women supporting strong women. The companies main staple are those pants, pants designed to fit women and all their different shapes and sizes with pockets and all the other features womens tactical clothing doesn’t have.

            No one is taking jabs at the bro culture, I don’t even know what that means, this has nothing to do with men’s clothing or trying to be part of that crowd. And while I’m sure design shaming people like you might hurt their feelings, it does nothing to me. If you had any common sense you also would have done some research before you opened of your professional t shirt design mouth.


            So I say again, stick to your little patches and your groupies that think you’re great, and remember the internet doesn’t make you tough, it just makes you sound stupid.

            • Alright captain white knight, I guess no one should ever comment unless the original poster specifically asks? Nice goal post moving mental gymnastics just coming up with excuses for me to not be “qualified” to make a simple comment.
              You confuse offering advice for improvement of concept as anti the whole concept.

              Since this escalated pretty quickly I think worth a quick summary that this would have gone over a lot better by just leaving out the male comparisons. It infers the male dominated equivalents of branding and community terms were going out of their way to leave women out and it simply is not true.

              Most people have no issue with female specific gear, designs, etc catered to their user base, but when presented this way, it is the equivalent of me going in a yarn group and pitching:
              “As a male minority we need less pussy ass female stuff, give us your best shirt ideas”

              It would not go over well to say the least….and you would see similar overreactions there that you saw here.

              Now what research am I supposedly lacking now? It just looks like you are confused who said what at this point, but here you are ironically talking about other people sounding stupid.

  2. Z says:

    Did SSD just got Full SJW?

    • SSD says:

      How so? By supporting a Veteran owned business?

      • Z says:

        “Female SOF-Veteran” Owned business according to their website and several other publications. To my memory, a women has not yet passed A&S or ITC to become an 0372/0370.
        I have never known men that only use physical prowess as a measure of strength. Most of us were raised by strong mothers and had strong wives by our sides. Judging strength is rarely about physical prowess and more about ones ability to endure challenges. There is no separation as to whether one is male or female, a strong person is a strong person.
        It sounds like this company is using buzz words to sell what seems to be an over priced product and inferior product. And as Riley has already pointed out, instead of hiring prominent women to make a design, or use their own creativity, they opt instead to give someone a pair of their pants. Which seems like a cheap prize.

        • SSD says:

          Can you imagine being so out of touch that you don’t know about multiple SOF units with lots of women in them?

          Even better, letting everyone know how far outside of the circle you are.

          If only you knew anything at all bout what you’re talking about, you’d also know that unless you’re a female, hey don’t make any products for you. That’s all this company does, create clothing specifically for women.

          Why does it trigger you so much that they are engaging their customers, which you aren’t, unless of course you wear pants made for women.

          • Z says:

            I agree that women’s tactical product are hard to come by. My wife and several of my coworkers have a difficult time finding products to meet their demands. Nothing triggers me about this product since I wont be using it, the add campaign is a bit quirky and as a SOF veteran I think it’s disingenuous to present yourself as one unless your tabbed or badged.

            • DERP says:

              There are entire SOCOM elements, and SMUs, that don’t have a tab or a badge.

        • VP says:

          So you do realize that MARSOC is only a few years old in the SOF world and the fact you have no idea what else is out there besides your compound on Stone Bay tells how ignorant you are, how young you are, and how young MARSOC is in the SOF community.
          Do a little research before you open your mouth, this contest isn’t just about a pair of pants. Do you think it’s a coincidence it’s released during Women’s History Month? Again this is a company making very specific products for women in the tactical and adventure world. Women have been in SOF well before you were even born. This company is owned by women, not men trying to exploit the use of women for sales.
          The only thing you did well here is turn and great story from a great reputable web site into a shitty comment section that at the end of the day shows what a turd you are.

          And before you say anything back to me, I’m a retired Marine with more SOF background than you will have in your entire life.
          You are an embarrassment to the SOF community.

    • Just A Suggestion says:

      This is where you say, “I’m sorry, I screwed up. Please delete my comment,” before you engage your stupid mouth and Eric let’s everyone see just how dumb you actually are.

  3. Stickman says:

    Personally, I just like the idea that someone is willing to showcase that women can be strong without trying to compete with men.

    Men and women are not built the same, something which I am eternally grateful for.