Wilcox BOSS Xe

FirstSpear Friday Focus: E+R Waist Bag

A classic pack gets a modern face-lift.

• Lightweight Design

• Two Point QD Buckles

• Four Zippered Compartments

• G-Hook Waistband Attachment

The E+R Waist Bag clears the playing field with state-of-the-art materials and construction. This is not your dad’s fanny pack of the past.

This pack boasts multiple attachment options. You can kit it directly to your carrier, Assaulters Gun Belt, or as a stand-alone piece with the provided waistband and G-Hook system.

With four spacious zippered pockets, this pack provides ample organization for mission critical items. Check out the E+R Waist Bag at www.first-spear.com/fs-e-r-waist-bag.

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