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MDM 22 – FN America MRGG

FN America has unveiled their new Mid Range Gas Gun. While it definitely shares DNA with the SCAR, it’s enough of a new gun to warrant a new name.

Offered in two variants MRGG-A for Assault and MRGG-S for Sniper Support. The most glaring differences between the two variants are a 14.5″ barrel for MRGG-A and 20″ MRGG-S as well as different pistol grips and buttstock for the two versions. However, the side-folding adapter fits with an M4 standard buttstock so the shooter can configure the stock as he sees fit.

Controls are ambidextrous. Additionally, only MRGG-A offers full-auto fire. Otherwise, it’s semi and safe selectors for both, but it is more ergonomic than on the SCAR. There’s also a two-stage trigger which was designed in house.

A very interesting feature is that there are non-reciprocating side charging at both left and right as well as a rear AR-style charging handle. These are all user configurable.

They have also introduced a combination forward assist and brass deflector as well as ejection port cover.

The two rifles are offered with swappable cold hammer forged barrels in 6.5 Creedmoor and 7.62 NATO. MRGG accepts SR25 pattern magazines.

The optic package on this MRGG-A is a Gen 3 Vortex Razor 1-10×24 in a Badger C1 mount and Leupold Delta Point Pro back up sight.

The optic on this MRGG-S is a Gen 2 Vortex Razor 4-27×50 in a Spuhr 4002 mount with FN ELITY.

To mount enablers, there’s a a full length Mil Std 1913 rail along the top to a point where the handguard steps down to offer an MLOK compatible perch for a laser pointer below the line of sight of the optic. There are MLOK slots at 3-6-9 O’clock as well as at lower 45 degrees.

There is an adjustable gas block with suppressed and unsuppressed settings while the Gas Regulator is now buried in the receiver assembly and redesigned to reduce flash while shooting under NODS.

Finally, both MRGG models are fitted with HUXWRX Safety Co suppressors.

Look for more information during next week’s SOFIC as well as a follow-on range report.

17 Responses to “MDM 22 – FN America MRGG”

  1. Cuvie says:

    I’ve heard that these were originally developed for a European police contract that specified features from AR-10/SR-25 pattern rifles such as the AR buttstock, T-charging handle, forward assist, and SR-25 magazine capability.

    I’m curious if they found a way to reduce the particular recoil harmonics that caused the SCAR-H to destroy optics.

  2. Evstathios Palaiologos says:

    Lots of FAB Defense furniture

  3. XERXES036 says:

    Did FN win that MRGG contract?

  4. Aono says:

    I thought MRGG-A/S had been down-selected to LMT and Larue. Or was this just FN’s submission for that?

    • SSD says:

      SOCOM declared a Mulligan and started over from scratch.

      • Nick says:

        Do you have any more details that you could share on them starting over? Are all of the previous bidders reapplying and what was the reason for the mulligan?

  5. No1_Important says:

    SIG MCX SPEAR- So hot right now. This looks like FN just copied SIG’s homework. Hopefully FN and SIG can get along and FN can make barrels or parts for the M5, M250 and MG338…

  6. Vet says:

    What HUXWRX model is this? Never saw it before and not on their website either.

    • Aono says:

      Looks like a “Flow MG-762”, second in their Flow lineup after the HRT’s 556k. I suspect their lineup will be getting a refresh soon. Maybe they’ll incorporate some features/ideas from the Pew Science testing they’ve been through.

  7. Mt Doc says:

    HUXWRX has products out there for just MIL and FED LEO … they’ve been showing to select units. Good stuff and perform as advertised. ISOF had a great showing.

  8. Thatguy says:

    Supposedly FN had the most accurate gun of the accuracy shoot, with the cutoff to even been considered to proceed being 1MOA and the goal being 0.5MOA

  9. Evstathios Palaiologos says:

    Is this program still going on?
    And if yes, how does it fit into the NGSW?
    Why both programs I mean, and why the added complexity

    • Thatguy says:

      The program is still ongoing as I understand it. Probably in the user assessment phase after the last round of downselects based on accuracy. Clearly SOCOM doesn’t place as much stock in NGSW and 6.8 as big DOD does and is looking for something that is more consistent with their needs. 6.5 certainly seems like a more realistic and fieldable option compared to the high pressures of the 6.8

      • SSD says:

        We will know what SOCOM is thinking regarding NGSW next week. As of last year, they were monitoring NGSW to decide whether to move forward with 6.5 CM LAMG.
        MRGG is for NSW only so it isn’t very many guns.

  10. Rob says:

    What do these weigh relative to the MK17 and MK20 they replace?