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MDM 22 – Gentex USMC Integrated Helmet System Candidate

Gentex is displaying their candidate for the Marine Corps’ Integrated Helmet System program.

A true system, they offer a scalable approach with a high cut ECH level protection helmet but at 12% lighter than the current helmet. To this bolt-less shell is added ARC rails and modular bungee shroud. It will also accommodate AMP headset with rail arms.

This baseline configuration can be further upgraded to the RAILINK, a powered system we’ll discuss in-depth during next week’s SOFIC.

Currently under evaluation by the USMC.

5 Responses to “MDM 22 – Gentex USMC Integrated Helmet System Candidate”

  1. Cuvie says:

    Is the USMC Integrated Helmet System intended to replace the ECH High Cuts that have are getting issued now? Those still seem pretty new.

    Ops Core’s helmet shape would be preferable to the MICH 2001-like cut of the ECH HC, though.

  2. Seamus says:

    This looks much more thought out than the IHPS our unit was issued. The IHPS does not integrate comms onto the helmet but instead under the helmet and the side rails are proprietary and worthless in mounting anything onto.

    Basically the IHPS looks like a lot like a dorky committee driven love child an Ops Core and ACH.

    • SSD says:

      Everytime someone brings up IHPS, I say, “Baby, we have Ops-Core at home.”

  3. Rick says:

    Isn’t this just the Ops Core FAST XR or R2?