SOF Week

Rampart Range Day 2022

It’s a beautiful day in Stittsville Ontario; a great day to go to the range.

4 Responses to “Rampart Range Day 2022”

  1. JoeVincent says:

    I know this event was probably pre-scheduled to happen but it’s probably in their best interest to not hold these right, the government could put a stop to these types of gatherings now and in the future given the optics of the current situation.

    • SSD says:

      In Canada? And the only people who can attend are government employees?

    • WarBro says:

      JV, It is that mentality behind your comment right there why the communist in the USA bulldoze over the Constitution and turn the uninformed general public into ravenous virtue signaling zombies because you are conflating two extremely different events not to mention one event does not beget the other. Utterly pathetic!

    • .308 says:

      You are right. The government will soon disarm the police and military! This guy must be a Canadian…