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Lone Star Future Weapons Withdraws NGSW Bid Protests

Lone Star Future Weapons had submitted two protests to the Government Accountability Office regarding the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program award contract to SIG SAUER on 19 April 2022. One was on May 18 and the other on June 10. On 1 July, Lone Star Future Weapons withdrew both. These protests had led to a stop work order on the program until at least 19 September, frustrating the government’s very aggressive schedule with months of inactivity.

We have no idea what was asserted in either protest or why they chose to withdraw, so we are unable to comment any further.

3 Responses to “Lone Star Future Weapons Withdraws NGSW Bid Protests”

  1. Tom says:

    That’s a shame, it was the better bid.

    • GunGuru says:

      Come on now. It wouldn’t be logical to award a huge firearms contract to a company that has never made a firearm. Would it?

      • gaius says:

        Berretta, General Dynamics and True-velocity worked together on that bid…..