Modern Warfare Week

Philippine Marines Adopt Marom-Dolphin Fusion System

This modular system is similar to the Dutch load carriage system we profiled during Enforce Tac 19.

2 Responses to “Philippine Marines Adopt Marom-Dolphin Fusion System”

  1. Attack7 says:

    Archangel ! LOL That guy has to be dying right now!

  2. Joe R. says:

    Seems like a good modular system.

    Like that it’s adjustable for height but [and I’m not even a ‘shooter’] it looked really high on his back and higher isn’t always better if you need to shoot prone. Not sure there’s enough plastic holding the pack on the frame, and it seems weird to me that the rear plate/carrier would follow the pack frame. Wouldn’t that potentially mean the plate rides really high on the body?