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Ridgeline Drop Offset, Pouch (DrOP)

Developed by Ridgeline Tactical and available through SKD Tactical, the Ridgeline Drop Offset, Pouch (DrOP) is an appliqué for lid carrying pouches designed to move belt mounted magazine carriers lower and slightly offset, to clear body amor and provide a less impinged range of motion during reloads.

The DrOP is compatible with most pouch types (TYR, HSGI, ESSTAC, GCODE, etc. ) or any Kydex utilizing a TekLok Pattern and comes with TekLok.

Ridgeline tells us that during testing and development, the DrOP endured multiple Military Free Fall (MFF) and Fast Rope (FRIES) operations, as well as daily Law Enforcement Patrol use, SWAT operations, and range use.

Get it at skdtac.com/ridgeline-drop.

One Response to “Ridgeline Drop Offset, Pouch (DrOP)”

  1. Ray Forest says:

    Having used it with a HSGI Taco for several months at work, I can say its solid kit. I’ve used it to kick out a magazine from under armor and to get a portable radio out where its easy to access while sitting in a patrol car. This is a well thought out piece of kit that paired with a Taco can do several things.

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