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FirstSpear Friday Focus: Non-Standard Non-Stocking

Specialty Equipment For Professional Users.

FirstSpear Non-Stocking Non-Standard may sound strange and confusing when browsing through our website. In this weeks Friday Focus, we’re discussing exactly what Non-Stocking Non-Standard is and why these FirstSpear products are so incredibly important to American operators and tactical professionals across the globe.

Roll Up Style Cargo Pocket. Roll it out here.

The designation Non-Stocking Non-Standard refers to items that have been designed by FirstSpear at the request of professional users to meet unique and specific mission sets. Limited quantities and colors are available. The remainder of these items, after fulfilling the needs of the professional user, are made available on the Non-Stocking Non-Standard category of our website for other interested professions to purchase.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) Med Pouch. Check it out here.

Eye Pro Field Case. See it here.

Items in the Non-Stocking Non-Standard category include everything from small pouches to complete plate carriers. A notable point about this equipment is the ability to purchase a piece of kit designed specifically for America’s finest.

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