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NP Aerospace Supplies Life Saving Body Armour to Ukraine Soldiers

NP Aerospace has manufactured and delivered more than 20,000 sets of life-saving body armour plates and carrier vests to Ukraine military personnel in the last three months on behalf of NATO Governments. This is part of contracts totaling 62,000 sets of armour (124,000 plates) due to be delivered weekly over the next nine months.

The company has also delivered over 1,000 helmets to support a range of NGOs to support humanitarian efforts such as media, hospitals and charities.

The first 6,350 sets of body armour plates and carrier vests were manufactured and delivered in less than 10 weeks since the Ukraine conflict started. In order to ensure urgent delivery NP Aerospace has ramped up production with the recruitment of 90 additional factory operators and 24 hour shifts and is operating around the clock.

James Kempston, CEO and owner of NP Aerospace, comments: “As Ukraine faces a full scale war, NP Aerospace’s extensive manufacturing capacity is providing advanced, life saving armour, helping to keep soldiers in the fight and bring them safely home. We are honoured to be supporting the people of Ukraine in their hour of need and are working around the clock to deliver protection where it is needed most – on Ukraine’s front-line soldiers.”

Photos: Ukrainian infantry training, wearing NP Aerospace armour plates and carrier vests. Images Crown Copyright 2022.

21 Responses to “NP Aerospace Supplies Life Saving Body Armour to Ukraine Soldiers”

  1. Yawnz says:

    So how many of these will be smuggled out of the country and sold?

    • Jack Griffin says:

      C’mon, bro… just support the current thing.

      • Todd says:

        I think anyone contributing anything militarily to this war is a complete virtue-signaling moron.

        • cat blaster says:

          Would you care to elaborate? Are you pro Putin oligarchy and invasion of sovereign states? I can’t think of a more cut and dry war in 60 years of viable defense of boarders and clear examples of war crimes perpetrated by an invading force.

          • Joe_K says:

            You bought the anti Russian lies hook and all.

          • Todd says:

            Dude…look at this from an extremely basic geopolitical standpoint.

            NATO expansion (against promises made) butting up against the border with Russia is a serious security threat for Russia. The moves to bring Ukraine into NATO triggered this war. Rightfully so. We almost went nuclear in 1962 when Russia placed missiles in Cuba. An incursion into Ukraine as a response to NATO expansion there is completely sensible.

            Do I like EITHER side of this conflict? No.

            (I’d recommend you stop getting your geopol analysis from…every mainstream/pop culture news source you clear subscribe to.

            • SSD says:

              Drop the crack pipe. Your analysis is shit. NATO has always butted up against Russia. Now NATO is expanding and they have no one to to blame but themselves. They know it and so does everyone else. Even the useful idiots who spout Russian propaganda.

        • Philip says:

          So the world was supposed to stand idly by as Putin started the first full-scale land war between sovereign nations on the European continent in 70+ years? Not to mention the atrocities Russia has committed inside its own borders against breakaway republics and against neighboring countries within its Asiatic proximity in the same timeframe.

          The Russians are bullies and it’s been past time for the world to call their bluff. I for one am glad to see Ukraine kicking the sh*t out of them. And I hope it continues until they have been thoroughly bled dry and collapse.

          • Ken says:

            Haven’t we been told to stop butting into other countries business? Not to be the world police? Don’t secure our border but send billions to secure Ukraine’s border, No thanks Why doesn’t the media care about the hundreds of thousands of death from famine and war in Tigray, Ethiopia?

            • cat blaster says:

              umm famine in Africa is due in recent significant part to the restriction of grain from Ukraine by the russian invasion, so like they do care in part. CBP has a pretty big budget but refugees streaming in from central america is directly related to failed foreign policy of many nations, the US included, for the better part of 35 years.

          • Yawn says:

            Cry me a river. The war in Ukraine started in 2014 and no one batted an eye until the media told you to in 2022 when the Biden admin needed a distraction.

            • Philip says:

              More bluster from our resident knucklehead.

              I was as concerned in 2014 as I am now. At least we’re sending requisite aid and armaments this time, instead of posturing about “red lines”. If you think Putin will stop at Ukraine, you are naïve beyond any convincing I could ever hope to achieve.

              The Russians have, in one way or another, supported the worst actors in every global conflict of the last 75 years. They have been in need of reigning in for quite awhile.

            • Todd says:


          • Joe_K says:

            None of this would be happening if NATO wasn’t constantly dicking with Russia. I feel for the ordinary Ukrainians, just like I did for the Iraqi’s, and Afghans. But the government of Ukraine could not stop stepping on themselves to get this war. Russia isn’t blameless, Putin isn’t a Saint, but they and he aren’t the Monsters the puppet masters have led you to believe. Key American leaders have generational beef with Russia that goes back to the Tsarist days. And the post Stalin era as well. Prolonging this war will only lead to more dead Ukrainian conscripts. Ukraine should settle while they still can.

    • .308 says:

      Coming to a European city or Ghetto soon!!

  2. Bob says:

    What dicking with Russia? Russia’s actions in Ukraine have caused NATO to expand by two countries.

    Russia could have just, you know, not invaded Ukraine and then they wouldn’t have had to worry about anything.

    As it was Mitt Romney was correct when he called out Russia as the greatest threat the United States is currently facing.

    • Philip says:

      Precisely this. Every time Russia whines about NATO, Russia ends up doing something that reminds the rest of the world why NATO was established in the first place.

      All while Russia complains that the entire world is picking on poor, victimized Russia and refusing to see the consequences of their actions. It’s become such predictable shtick at this point.

  3. Jason says:

    What the hell, people? This is a blog on the defense industry; comments on articles should be related to the industry. Comments shouldn’t be made just to discuss politics.

    Politics can be useful when discussing these posts if it’s relevant. Like, for this post, someone could pose a question about how NP Aerospace is a UK company and wondering how this might affect their standing and contracts with other NATO countries.

    But otherwise? Leave the politics at the door! Post about it on facebook or forums if you want but don’t do it here.

    • Bob says:

      War is the continuation of policy with other means. You can’t separate the “Defense Industry” from politics.