Ti-HDR Strap from PDW

Nylon Watch Strap with Heavy Duty Titanium Hardware and NATO Type Construction

Prometheus Design Werx introduces their Ti-HDR Strap. A heavier duty, modified version of the classic, military issue, nylon watch strap. This version features the classic double strap layer “NATO-type” construction, heavier duty, custom made titanium rings and buckle, with a sturdy, thicker, yet pliable and comfortable nylon strap. The classic NATO or “G10” strap originally entered service in 1973 with the British Ministry of Defence. PDW built up from this baseline and used heavier gauge titanium in the rings and buckles for total corrosion resistance on land or under the sea, and 100% non-magnetic as to not interfere with the strap worn compasses such as our EWB-Compass Kit. Fits watches with 20, 22, 24mm width lugs.

The PDW Ti-HDR Strap is available with black or OD green nylon and fine matte finish titanium hardware.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

“This is the classic NATO strap on corrosion-proof steroids. The strap follows the classic NATO double layer construction and features rings that have been upgraded to a heavier duty rugged titanium and a thicker, yet flexible nylon webbing strap. These straps are bomber and very field worthy.”

The PDW Ti-HDR Straps are available for $33.00 in 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm widths, and in either black or OD green nylon. Available now via their website,

3 Responses to “Ti-HDR Strap from PDW”

  1. PHarrison says:

    I just thought to look at the comments these days–
    There is not a lot of engagement at all. Very different from the days I used to be on this site twice a day. I guess I am not the only one.
    It should not be that surprising I guess. If I ask myself why I am not here as much I would have to say that the problem is much deeper and far more troubling then I would like to admit even to myself—
    I do not feel the same way about the military in general as I once did (not that long ago). Not at the very top of the command and honestly all the way down. With. It is easy to say -Austin, Miley- but the mandates and the culture war seems to have done exactly what they e trying to do. With ships burning down to the water at port, SLOW mid-sea collisions, fighter jets blowing off aircraft carriers, what ever the guard is doing at the southern border, etc–
    And something that exists in the air of what only could be described as doubt. When I say “not that long ago” I mean it. It didn’t just happen after Afganistan, it didn’t just happen after anyone of these incidents but some how in the time 20 months my core feeling ( And a hell of feeling ) has just left me. I can’t tell people that but that is what it is. I think most of the people not reading this probably know exactly what I mean—- This has to STOP—We need to restore our military. We need to restore ourselves—
    Very truly yours,
    P Harrison-

  2. lcpl0420 says:

    PHarrison- what does this have to do with a watch strap?

  3. tim says:

    can it be used with Apple Watch, with lug adapters?