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LA Sheriff’s Department Approves Langdon Tactical RDO for Duty Use

(Los Angeles County, CA) – Langdon Tactical is proud to announce that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has approved the LTT RDO solution on Beretta 92 pistols for duty use department wide.

The department approved LTT’s solution after more than two years of testing, including multiple deputies extensively evaluating the LTT slides over several thousand rounds. The LASD Deputies found Langdon’s RDO solution to be safe, effective, and high quality.

“This decision by LASD solidifies not just LTT’s position in the pistol red dot market but sends a message industry wide about the future of handgun optics” says Ernest Langdon, President of LTT “we’re looking forward to working with LASD and their Deputies as we introduce our Duty RDO pistols for the LE and commercial markets.”

Coinciding with the LASD policy update, LTT is launching their Duty RDO pistol, complete with the LTT optic solution on a duty approved (no other customization) Elite LTT 92. LTT also offers 92 RDO slides for those Deputies, Officers, or individuals who already have a 92 series pistol and want to add optic capability.

Check out all of Langdon’s Red Dot Ready options & pistols, along with the full line up of LTT products at

2 Responses to “LA Sheriff’s Department Approves Langdon Tactical RDO for Duty Use”

  1. Chris says:

    This is Pure Undiluted Awesomeness. I’m not surprised, but it’s great to read about this in any case.

  2. Chris says:

    Congrats Langdon! Love to see more da/sa optics ready.